Saturday, November 29, 2014

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 91)

Subject: Cap'n O.G. Readmore

Show: Random P.S.A commercials (Original Gangstas don't need no shows!)

Infamous For:  Annoyingly exhorting me to "read more" as oppose to watching my Saturday morning cartoons  I had waited all week to view. Ironically, he dressed as if had dropped out of the fifth grade himself! Talk about hypocrisy!

Last Seen: Wallowing in his own litter for not patenting his idea for a little known device. You may have heard of it! It's called a Kindle.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Good Friday: Clearly Above Par!

Shout out to Jason, "Velvet Jones", Albert for recommending that I evoke a bit more positivity  on "The Corner". With that said,  A new feature entitled Good Friday will highlight extremely gifted individuals as well as  spotlighting encouraging  events and occurrences that may not receive proper, media attention. This week's entry, Ms Ginger Howard, has been making major headway on the PG circuit.  At age seventeen, she was the youngest African American to turn pro and the only player to ever medal twice at the LPGA qualifying tournament. In addition, she has won five events at the Suncoast Mini Ladies Tour. Now at age twenty, Ginger continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of professional golf. To find out more about this amazing woman visit the official Ginger Howard website at CogNegro Out!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Reel Talk: Pariah

A beautiful portrait of a film, Pariah doesn't force a clear-cut viewpoint on its' viewers. But, rather poignantly, allows the commonality of identity, struggle, and inevitably, the beauty of acceptance to be stamped within one's consciousness! (A)

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Classic Corner: So Now What?! Part 1 (State of Affairs)

(Due  the to vast nature of this issue,the following write up will be split into two parts: State of Affairs and Call to Action. This will accommodate the need to fully retain and mull over  ideas and feelings with hopes to formulate the most effective responses and course of actions to initiate change...thank you) 

So now what ?! I, like many others, have struggled with this equivocal question since a grand jury in Ferguson, Missouri decided not to indict overseer, pardon, "officer" Darren Wilson  for the murder of Mike Brown .Collectively, we are all in a tailspin as we engage on a scavenger hunt for explanations, peace of mind and the most fleeting item of all: justice! Some have taken to the streets to purge themselves of frustration and disappointment, in what some would say is inexplicable vandalism.Others have sounded off on social media to express a cornucopia of sentiments which have ranged from admonishments of peace to  strident demands for vindication by any means necessary! Despite this time of confusion, one thing has been made extremely clear: black life is expendable!

Remember the old adage "If someone shows who they are believe them?" Due to  the advent of social media and other interactive outlets, it seems that we are constantly being exposed to one egregious act after the other when it comes to the value of black life. Routine traffic stop in South Carolina? Not quite if an officer of the law decides to shoot an unarmed  black male even though he announced  he was reaching for his wallet. Routine patrol through the hallways of an inner city project building in Brooklyn, NY? I would say not if an unarmed African American male is shot in the stomach because a rookie cop was "startled".The penalty  dealt to a twelve year old boy for playfully waving a toy gun in Cleveland,OH? How about two fatal shots to send him to an early  grave. Though it was totally unnecessary for a young black male to be pepper sprayed  by the police for entering his own home in Fuquay-Varina, NC,
neighbors called the authorities because they believed he was breaking and entering.Unbeknownst to them, he was the adoptive child of a white couple, I was just relieved that he wasn't murdered.All of  this why we are still trying to rinse the bitter residue from our pallets due the slaying of Trayvon Martin! And what is the  justification behind such Marshall law? Well according to former mayor of New York and Time Magazine's "Man of The Year", Mr. Rudolph Gulliani himself, these isolated incidents are due to  the high percentage of "black on black crime". In fact, such media attention to these events is unwarranted because our focus should be centered in lowering crime among blacks first. So, in essence Mr.Gullianai, until  that percentage is lowered,cops should have the right to eradicate black lives as they see fit,correct? I'd be highly interested in knowing what some  of the other statistics of murder as it relates to their racial classifications.

Now I'm quite certain that such treatment  is not a new trend when it comes to people of color but perhaps this is the country's true self coming into form. Some of us were actually duped into believing that with the appointment of a, well at least from a phenotypic standpoint, "black president" that we were actually entering into an age of post racism. Not quite! In fact, this country's disdain for such an appointment has come into full fruition. This is evident by the fervent, vitriolic attitudes displayed by its'citizens up to the obstinate behavior facilitated by political heads. It's rather eerily reminiscent of the plot of D.W. Griffith's Birth of a Nation, in which the Klu Klux Klan were  appointed protagonist. The Klan went on to wrestle and regain political control of the South away from freed black slaves, depicted as unruly and intellectually stumped animals, due to them being unfit to govern over themselves let alone the region. Some folks feel that their country has be taken from them. In fact, some of those individuals actually wear badges. So guess how they are working out their frustrations and disdain?

America is and will always be built on the foundation of racist ideals because it is a necessary  component in its' preservation .How else can you rationalize the ill treatment of the downtrodden without inherently believing that they are inferior? When it comes to class, which in itself is  an invisible caste system, race is the most effective divisor when it comes to preventing solidarity among the less privileged, which includes all colors! So if our goal is to eliminate this cancer that is embroidered on the very  fabric of this country ,then perhaps we are engaging in an exercise of futility.However, this  does not  prohibit individuals from empowering themselves and others in combating this scourge!It will take more than water cooler talk and intellectual "ego trippin'! It will take more than trendy activism and reactionary anger that disappears once the headlines are replace with trivial, irreverent happenings and manufactured crises to distract us from the task at hand. It is the time to stir the echos and move forward with answering that ever so present dilemma...


Monday, November 24, 2014

Corner Spotlight :M. Ward- The First Time I Ran Away

Thanks to the wonderful Soundhound app, I was able to come across this very Simon & Garfunkel-esque track by M. Ward while dinning on some delicious pasta at Noodle &Company. OK  you guys, I name dropped your restaurant on my blog. Now where's my kids' meal coupon?! This song is definitely made from the hearts of cloud babies that are sewn by kitten paws.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Reel Talk:Boy Hood

Though it is a bit lengthy and  self indulgent at times, Boyhood is an unprecedented, voyeuristic experience! The sheer dedication of all involved provides supple proof that this film is more than just your typical coming of age tale but indeed a landmark in film history. (B)

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Take Five: Worst Rap Album Covers...Ever!

by Da CogNegro

5.Shut Up and Dance- Dance Before The Police Come:
First and foremost, I don't appreciate you telling me to "Shut Up", especially since I'm the only one that brought alcohol! Secondly, I'll dance when I'm good and ready!  By the way, when the police do arrive to break up this ninja house party, do you plan on attacking them with those weapons?

4.Hell Rell- For The Hell of It: 
Bruce Leroy has nothing on this guy! Well it's pretty appropriate being that his career definitely bit the bullet *Rim-shot* (Good night everybody)

3.Devastatin' Dave- The Turntable Slave:
This guy looks like he bought his clothes from the money he saved from tips at the car wash. 
I never knew you could curl a mullet! And why is he pointing at me like I'm to blame for him being dressed like the casting coach for Rappin'?

2.Big Bear- Doin Things
Notice the table filled with nuts and berries, the font written in honey, and the clearance bin at your local PC Richards collapsing due to the number of copies of this album inside of it!

1.Top Dog- Slam Dunk'n Hoes
Is it the shoes?

And just in case you a were a bit confused by the Rappin' reference....

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 41)

Subject: Mechanic

Show: Bionic 6

Infamous For: Dim-witted sayings, and sporting fashionable overalls  that would make the lead singer of Dexy's Midnight Runners green with envy! Ironically , I've never seen him fix anything on the show. Just like most mechanics in real life I suppose.

Last Seen: Overcharging for replacement break pads, passing out napkins with his number on them in random Auto-Zone parking lots and taking advantage of the new McDonald's dinner box, which is meant for two but in Mechanic's case, consumed by one!

Why Do We Do These Things: Jesus Christ, Original Gangsta!

Religious denominations have resorted to some pretty desperate and contrived measures to reach the masses. But this by far has to be the the most audacious means of doing so and that's saying something being that I plan on seeing Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas! I don't know if I should be offended or thrown into hysterics. But one thing is for sure, if Joel Osteen hops on the remix, I am canceling my subscription to Jame Brown's  magazine The Second Coming (more on that in a later post.) But seriously, what are they hoping to accomplish with this? Do they plan on driving through the streets of Camden NJ, blasting Rappin for Jesus out of their Volkswagen Jetta, in hopes  that those "kids in the street", who by the way are some the happiest urban vagabond I've ever the way, tell shawty with the curls to holla at me after communion , will change their wayward course?  Well, someone tell MC Ensure that it's going to take more than a beta max recording, some geriatric fossils dressed in their best outfits purchased at the Good-Will during Black Friday of 1967, and a mockery of hip hop to convince the inner city youth to be down with G.O.D! I wonder if  that means the apostles were the original N.W.A? Peter was rather gangsta when he cut ol boy's ear off....


Monday, November 17, 2014

Corner Spotlight: Alice Smith- Be Easy

I absolutely adore this woman! I've been a fan of Ms. Smith ever since I stumbled upon her song Dream on a associate's My Space page some six years ago.Though she is a Grammy nominated artist, mention Alice in a conversation and most people will respond with confused looks and shrugged shoulders. Such a shame that this multifaceted  artist is relatively unknown, especially in this day and age where music is devoid of talent and soul.If you ever get the opportunity to witness Alice live, do your self a favor and just go! It is an experience like no other!

(Alice and I at The Durham Art of Cool Festival)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Do We Do These Things : The McRib

The McRib sandwich is back,and just in time for the holidays! I for one have never understood the fascination with this faux meat product made  up of porcupine feelings and badger regrets! But for some reason, we can't get enough of this Flintstones' car tipping,  break dance inducing, glad we have Obama Care to cover my bypass surgery delicacy! To my surprise, the McRib has  been around since the early eighties! I know right? Of course, they had to test it on a brother because hey, we know ribs!!! So what did the stunt double for Linc of "The Mod Squad" have to say  about the golden arches latest menu item? Well let's find out:

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Reel Talk: Noah

Noah is a drab, muddled and downright unpleasant adaptation that should stay stranded at sea.
(D)- CogNegro

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Classic Corner: Bee's That Way Sometimes

So being that there's nothing I feel like writing at length about today, I hope you will be entertained by these two cats playing patty-cake!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Take Five: Types of People That Should Stay Home !

5. The "Cell Phoner":
Cellphones nowadays have  huge screens  coupled with astounding resolution. The Samsung Mega, for example, can pass as a hotplate in some cities. So you can imagine the glare it gives off in a dark theater. Almost as if one was carrying a miniature light house. I'm pretty sure you won't miss any vital Tweets, especially since you only have four followers, two of them being alter egos you created. Will your life prove any less significant if you happen to miss the trending pics of cats dressed as pimps on instagram? Wait, don't answer that. In other words, turn that s*** off!!

4.The Crying Baby:
I know its' been months since you and the madam have been able to have peace and quiet since your bundle of joy came into the world. Sorry I didn't get the chance to send flowers. I was busy saying ...words and stuff. So the movie you guys have been waiting for is finally released. But oh darn! No baby sitter! So instead of waiting until you are able to find one, you decide to bring that screaming hell spawn, who runs around the theater like its' current dosage of Ritalin has proven ineffective, to ruin  every one else time. You know why I don't have kids? Because I like to watch my movies in peace and quiet! Get'em out of here! And take your Whole Foods soy breast milk with you!

3. Captain Obvious:
Let's say there's a scene in which someone gets stabbed with a knife. Don't you hate it when the person in back or to the side of you whispers loudly "He got stabbed with a knife!' Wowsers! Thanks for the enlightenment! Because even though I just witnessed it, all doubt was removed when you decided to let the theater know that our eyes did not deceive us  and that yes, someone was indeed stabbed...with a knife! And here I thought the surcharge was for the 3-D  viewing .When in reality, I was paying for your expert commentary. No need to buy the Blu ray now for its' extra features. (Mind Blown)

2.A Date:
"No I don't feel like explaining what just happened three minutes ago. Yes, I know Kim Kardashian can't act. They don't sell Airheads at the concession stand. I can't help if all the kernels didn't pop. I'm pretty sure we would get kicked out of the theater or even arrested if we try that here"

1.The Prognosticator: 
Oh, the worst of the worst! These are the individuals I want to punch with my foot! The people I want to hit with the Samsung Mega!  No one wants to hear your expert predictions because you happened to  glance at IMDB earlier that day to impress everyone that's not listening to you. Stop mouthing off dialogue before or along with the actors. You look like a mime whose had your fair share  of paint chips during your formative years. Stop giving the characters advice.They are in Paris, you're in Compton, They can't hear you!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Corner Spotlight: Capital Cities: Kangaroo Court

Merriam-Webster defines the term Kangaroo Court as "a mock session in which the principles of law and justice are disregarded or perverted." That definition sucks!! With that said, I'm going to subscribe to my original vision : A proceeding  in which Judge Kangaroo, adorned with a robe and boxing gloves, serves out hard, cold justice while her joey plays bailiff! Only thing cooler than that picture is this song baby!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Reel Talk: Gone Girl

Backed by Trent Reznor's haunting scores, Gone Girl is a lengthy yet engrossing trip down a nihilistic rabbit hole which journeys through media constructed martyrdom and the perception of convinced power within relationships.(A-) - CogNegro

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Classic Corner: Hush that Riff-Raff!

You don't have to be a star babbbyyy, to be in my showwww!” Who knew the title of Marilyn Mccoo and Billy Davis' smash hit would be so prophetic. Never has that line held such credence than in this day and age of “Just add water to produce celebrity” era. Anyone with an imagination (or lack thereof) can produce some of the most nonsensical, talentless, and ratchet (I've been waiting to use that word) material this side of a Sci-Fi original movie. (Man-Thing ring a bell? No, good! You've just added three years to your life and a free Churro) Enter Rif Raff !Now, I could have researched this guy on Wikipedia and proceeded to read his three line biography, edited by all six people who watched Spring Breakers. But why? Then again, when you're named after a term used by 70s pimps and one of the Cadillac Cats from Heathcliff, does it really matter where this guy hatched from? I did unfortunately stumble upon a still photo that showed Mr. Raff as a contestant on Fonzworth Bentley's show entitled ...Why would I know the name of a show that stars the man known as Benson: The Next Generation? I didn't bother clicking on the cap in fear that I may only have 72 hours to live.

However, my friend, and I use the term loosely, sent me the link to the gem of all gems: a freestyle over The Throne's Otis Beat by the one and only MC who eats “vegetables made by Versace.” Not saying the original was groundbreaking, but it was a decent offering from an aging Jay-Z and a Kanye West ,who has become a caricature of himself. Otis Redding would probably jump off the dock of the bay if he knew this abomination would be created by the mascot from the LFO reunion, hosted by the Young Black Teenagers with Vanilla Ice as the keynote speaker. Anyway, here are some general questions and observations I made after listening to this five mic material.Finding this video was no easy task. Youtube stated that the video was “muted” due to copyright infringement...righttttt! So let us all collectively thank and curse hell's basement, aka Worldstar Hiphop ,for access to this disasterpiece!

1 Should the term "Heebie Geebies" ever be used in a rap, let alone life?

2."Five Days Out The Week My Face On Your Sister's Poster" What about the other two days of the week? Does she take it down on Saturdays and hang it back up on Mondays? Doesn't that grow tiresome?

3.”I live the life of a Tampon”... (Too easy)

4.I'm pretty sure no one would go to a Hornets game if they knew this guy wore their apparel.

5. How high is your electric bill if you always leave the "lamp" anddddd the "amps on"?

6.What pray-tell is the”Rap game's Pat Sajak"  and how does one achieve such an esteemed title?

7.Notice when he says “Flash Gordon” he mimics a runner. That's because Flash Gordon, not The Flash, was known for his incredible speed!!

8.”No Braids...Braided Up.” Rick James would be proud of this instant contradiction.

9.Heathcliff, Heathcliff no one should, terrifies the neighborhood!! Don't act like that theme song is 10 times better than anything Riff Raff has or will ever create

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Take 5: Reasons I'm a Nerd

5.I look forward to my "Word of the Day" that sends via email

4. Sarcasm is my native tongue:
Sarcasm is a nerd's most trusty weapon in his/or her toy chest! Don't ask me why we keep weapons in our toy chest. OK, fine! We keep  weapons in the toy chest because our collection of action figures are already on the mantle place.

3. I love cats:
Think of any misunderstood, antisocial teen who spent his or her adolescent years reading Hardy Boys' tales and watching Nova. Chances are, they grew up to be a megalomaniac hellbent on conquering or destroying the earth. The one thing these dejected outsiders had in common? They all owned cats! Dr. Claw had Mad Cat, Gargamel  had Azrael , Dr. Evil  had Mr. Biggelsworth, etc!

2.Do you know the original lineup of The Guardians of The Galaxy? Well I do:
Until recently, I was an avid comic collector . I possessed over a 1,0000 bagged and boarded books that were not allowed to be touched by young grubby hands or...old...grubby hands! With that being said, I have amassed a wealth of comic knowledge that would put those Bizinga nerds to shame!

1.At 31  years old, I still believe that wrestling is real: 
 And apparently, I'm not the only one!!

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Corner Spotlight: Gwen Bunn- Epitome

Shout  out to Ms. Lewis for pulling my coattails to this ethereal gem. I challenge anyone not to float off the ground after listening to this week's corner spotlight- 1=2

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Reel Talk: Dear White People

Synopsis:The lives of four black students at an Ivy League college

CogNegro's Review: Satirical, without over indulging in self deprecation, take note Aaron McGruder , Key&Peele, etc.“Dear White People” is pugilistic yet dexterous in its' deconstruction of racial tropes and caricatures that have been the bedrock of black entertainment. Though the title may be polarizing, those with an open mind will benefit in learning that our culture is not simply a monochromatic, thumbnail sketch, but rather a menagerie of beliefs, backgrounds, and experiences. Go See! (A+) -CogNegro

Official Trailer


Somewhere, I exist!

Afloat on vestiges of bottled, shipwrecked expectations

Amongst dull stars who have befriended blinding space

Tangled in choking vines expanding with each suffocating breath

Between the cracks of broken dawns accompanied with red eye stares

Cloaked in a shredded cape capable of crawling flight

Lost in letters that crash to form mistaken terms

Falling from an altitude whose height rivals that of my shortcomings

And landing on a graffiti wonder wall separating the desert and my Oasis

Where following  the leader has me at the back of the line in size order

All to catch a glimpse of something that rivals the

Folklore found in fortune cookies of successfully pinning the tale on the fairy.

Indented endings: pushing the finale back to the beginning of this cycle,

And I'm stuck in the middle of being an a**hole  and a gentlemen,

Tug of war with that  tight rope with the winner lassoing  tumbleweeds

If pulled successfully, they will bring you to the root of why confusion is normalcy

And accidents are destiny's way  of telling us not to over think...

Don't over think!

One day...






3:28 AM

So stupid minded...

Engaging in circles expecting square results
Only  to double my frustrations!
What shape do i expect to be in
After i'm wrecked and  tangled in my own devices?

So Stupid minded...