Monday, January 30, 2017

This is Very Cool - I'm Not Bad (I'm Just Drawn That Way)

By Da CogNegro

"Well Sir" is an exclamatory phrase  that my Nanny would utter after a series of taxing or exasperating events and boy oh boy did Trump's  first week in as the Pres...., as the Pres... as the present day person who happens to occupy the white house for extended periods of time, deserve a fervent "Well Sir"! Within the first ten days of his tenure , Sir Small Mittens signed a record number of executive orders that will inevitably affect healthcare, reproductive rights, federal hiring, oil, trade, and perhaps the most controversial of them all: immigration.Though my goal is to not come off as some harbinger of doom and gloom, the fact remains that we have ventured into uncharted territory and are trekking on a path filled with  stark uncertainty and change.  Many of us have chosen various outlets to vent our frustrations, concerns and fears. Some have taken to the streets while others have used their clout and celebrity as a platform to express their disdain for the current regime. Cartoonist Robert Sikoryak has decided to use his talent to demonstrate the incredulousness  that make up The Donald!
When interviewed by the Huffington Post, Sikoryak stated "The idea came to him "....after the election.Trump had said so many outrageous things during his campaign that I wanted to catalog  them." What's so amazing about his creations is Sikoryak's ability to mimic the variety of styles that make up the menagerie of  these reimagined covers. Even more fascinating was the fact that he decided to match Trump's quotes with various characters and story lines. "It was important to me to only use Trump's quotes, I didn't want to put any words in his mouth."He continued, "Once Trump became president-elect, I felt I had to do it."As a comic enthusiast, I understand the power that this medium can have. During my formative years, it was one of  my primary forms of escapism as well as a tool to exercise creativity, in innumerable ways, that have proven to be beneficial. This is why it came as no surprise that Sikoryak "...needed to get these comics" out of his system. Fortunately, he has received quite the favorable response:"The reaction has been very enthusiastic, much more so than I's gratifying that other people have been enjoying them." The stories of heroes &  villains is a tried and true archetype that will continue to capture our attention. Hopefully, in this current state of bewilderment and confusion, good will  triumph over evil. Only time will tell!  Robert Sikoryak's art has previously been featured  in The Harvard Business Review as well as the New Yorker. More of his work can be viewed on his Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr as well as his website. -CgN


Thursday, January 26, 2017

Talented 10th and the Ignorant 5th: A Message to the "Woke"

by Khalil Hamiduddin 

A Message to the “woke” activists post inauguration

But first, to the uninitiated: 

Woke, as defined by the urban dictionary, means "Being aware… or knowing whats going on in the community. Here's the term used in a convenional conversation:

Hey Johnny, did you vote today?
Hell no Mikey!  I'm already woke!  You know they already picked Hillary!

Well, a funny thing happened to the Illuminati's centuries old plan to rule the world (that they somehow already rule) You see, about a week ago, the internet troll, who much like many of our sweet, loving grandparents that believe every email they receive  may or may not have originated from a Nigerian prince ,was sworn in as president in front of a crowd of dozens... (see how “alternative facts” can work ?)

There were a lot of reason for this and without being bogged down by facts, in the post fact era of truthiness i.e. ...It's true because I feel its true (Thanks Colbert), many people thought "Hey, let's give the guy, with the emotional stability of a preteen, the most important job on the planet." That's right, now we all have monitor duty as we await for the asteroid to hit!

The Big One is Ch-NAH!!!

ARE YOU HAPPY NOW!!  From the two years worth of anecdotal conversations I've had in my political and non political circles, the only people who don’t seem to be preoccupied by this incoming asteroid are the  indifferent, those who have been clamoring for another mass extinction, andddddd "The Woke"!

Hold on to your butts...Cause Trump has mine!!

Apparently, Obama just wasn’t good enough. He made us believe in hope and promised us change!  He said "Yes we can" and guess what?  "Yes we can" turned into "Yes he did"! Add some infomercials, red hats, and unwanted groping and, well you know how the story ends: the internet troll captures the flag!

I know, Barack had the tendency to come off  like that uncle who moved out the hood, discovered the joys  of kale smoothies, from the latest vegan restaurant of course, and  only listened to Ted talks, modern jazz and NPR radio. Not to mention, he continues to shout from the rooftops that The Wire is the greatest show ever! (First of all the wire is the greatest show in history and anyone who hasn’t watched it shame on you). And perhaps he may have lectured you a little too much on how you dressed and spoke . And lovingly questions why your children's names  have more syllables than you have zeros in your bank account. And remember that one time you were whooped so bad,for smoking weed none the less, that you believed that a reality TV star

And now, you're so pissed off , you consistently walk around ,with  Resting. B**** Face, shouting **** the world!  The thing is, he understood and worked within the confines of an office that forty three other men held  before him.  But that doesn't matter to you Woke folks because it solidifies your beliefs about “Amerikkka”! But now what? That’s the 4 years worth of lost incremental progress we have to face now.

The internet troll has its' finger on the proverbial button. Just sit back and think about what that means. Outside of a few photo ops ,with some thirsty unremarkable nEGROES (little “n” for emphasis... look it up) at the golden drenched NYC palace...what has been proven or accomplished? What's the end game of all of this?

You hated Obama for making you believe then you hated Hillary because for twenty-five years, you were programmed to hate her. You may be happy today, sitting in your Bernie shirt with your Che poster on the wall shouting "This is our day that the people will rise up and break away from their shackles", but as the old lady says in the commercial "That’s not how this works, that's not how any of this works!" It’s the same cycle: liberals start to fix what conservatives break and we continue on our hamster wheel .So sometimes, we got social security, medicare and Obamacare incremental imperfect solutions to large problems and other times, the asteroid hits, and well, you know the rest.

The the thing is, this is a fight with differing points of views.  However, for better or worse, we’re all teammates. To the woke, you’ve got to realize, unless you get in the game ,you can't pull up like Steph Curry and hit the shot. You have to stop letting the game pass you by! You can be a one issue person but if you don’t get your hands dirty you're only an internet troll with no power!

Wait bad example......

So congratulations rainbow woke folk coalition! This is the gift you have given us and much like Michelle's expression when the mail order first lady gave her that Tiffanys' box, well, that's how the rest of us were looking at you during election night!

Before I conclude what may have seem like incessant rambling but was actually calculated thoughts served on a hot plate from your local Dennys,I would like to leave you with a quote from my favorite “Scholar”:Charles Barkley (more on him next month in the athlete activist column): "I may be wrong but I doubt it"

Monday, January 23, 2017

Field Notes: Inauguration Day

by Teresa Leggard

19 January 2017


This marks the last day that Barak Obama is president of the United States of

America. I do not feel well. I will not yet go so far as to say that the impending

inauguration is making me sick. I feel sad, uneasy, and responsible.


Resist. Fight so hard that there is no time or room for fear.


20 January 2017


Woke to a voicemail:

The best retaliation against an oligarchic, fascist regime like the one we’re entering

now . . . educate; don’t medicate; get clean; get smart . . . Resist.


On this auspicious day in 2008, I was working with a different team, on a different

floor. In a large common room with sparse, bright furniture and concrete floors, a

television was tuned in to live coverage in Washington, DC. It was so cold. I

remember seeing red noses on the screen, eyes wet from wind chill and raw feeling.

I sat there, maybe the only brown person in the room at the time, and I felt my skin

gave me a kinship with the new commander-in- chief. In my mind this kinship made

me closer to him than any other American in that room watching with me. I was

hopeful that after having the 2004 election stolen in broad daylight—like being

stuck-up at an ATM—the country had a leader we actually endorsed.


21 January 2017

Today validated my decision to seek out a woman of color as my therapist. More

than half the session was about—I’m still working up to using the name. I told her

that in addition to my regular concerns, I’m now thinking about expediting my

passport application (I’m kicking myself for ever letting it expire in the first place);

what I have in liquid assets on any given day; how quickly I can get to my family and

should I just move back to be near them; how much can I afford to pay out-of- pocket

for health insurance. I told her I’ve started learning self-defense.


I was verbally harassed while walking to my car. And sure, it could have been any

Wednesday. And sure, these two vagrants probably were drunk any day of the week,

but the alignment of it all—on top of reports of increased numbers of hate

crimes—was too much not to take notice.


I stood talking to some classmates the Saturday after the election. One said his

consolation to his students, many of who were immigrants, was that American

politics goes in waves and sooner or later this current wretched state would pass.

“The trick is,” I tell him, “you have to survive at least the next 4 years.”

Teresa Leggard is a New York-born, Jersey-raised, Midwest transplant. She’s a writer, editor, poet, playwright, and recovering procrastinator. You can’t really find her online except for here and the occasional tweet at @LeggardTM, but if you’re in Kansas City she might be at The Writers Place ( One day she's determined to find out "Where Brooklyn at?"

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corner Spotlight :Axis of Time- Eastwick

By Da CogNegro

To try and fit Axis of  Time into a singular, musical  category can be a daunting task for the simple fact  that a great amount of their material will transport you into a musical playground, filled with a variety of sonic amusements, that may seem familiar at first, but are actually gateways to new and worthwhile listening experiences.  The New Jersey trio, consisting of siblings Mo Beats, D. Strange and Natural, credit their sound to their eclectic influences. What is even more impressive is that the group is quite self-contained  as  each member plays a pivotal role in the  writing, arranging, and producing of all  their material. Their newest single, Chill With You, is already gaining heavy momentum, which can be found on their official sound cloud page right HERE, Eastwick, however, serves as the perfect starting point in getting acclimated with the Axis of Time.experience- CgN

Monday, January 16, 2017

Cornelia’s Nook - Respectability Politics in Feminism: What Are You Wearing?

Hear Our Voice” poster by Liza Donovan

By: Cornelia L. Dolian

I had planned to do a write-up of Roxane Gay’s 2014 collection of essays Bad Feminist, but then I read Petula Dvorak’s problematic piece on the upcoming Women’s March on Washington and decided I would just tangle with an example of some flawed feminism instead. (Before I rant, let me just revel in and rave about Bad Feminist: It’s searing, earnest, poignant, smart, entertaining, wise, human, and endlessly thought-provoking in its tackling of topics from gender to racial injustice to pop culture to competitive Scrabble. I would recommend it widely, with enthusiasm.)

So, the full title of the aforementioned offending piece is “The Women’s March needs passion and purpose, not pink pussycat hats”. In it, Dvorak admonishes plans some marchers have to wear knit hats in the shape of cats and wave glittery signs. Of the march, she states that “This is serious stuff” (I totally agree) and “Protests are successful and effective when they have a clear message, a clear mission” (again, I agree). There’s no question in my mind that the primary focus should be the message(s) marchers want to send to lawmakers, and that other aspects should be secondary.  

What I don’t agree with is the insinuation that wearing pink or glitter or anything that is perceived as girly “undercuts the message the march is trying to send,” as she claims. What disappoints and angers me is Dvorak’s willing advancement of the notion that women need to look a certain way to be taken seriously.

Maybe Dvorak doesn’t believe that herself, maybe she is simply fearful that others' (male politicians? judgey, narrow-minded onlookers? anti-feminists?) will write off the Women’s March, and thereby the valid and vital concerns behind it (vanishing reproductive rights, lack of representation, rape culture, unequal pay, etc.).

Our Bodies, Our Minds” poster by Jennifer Maravillas

But guess what? Those who are primed to write off the Women’s March are going to do it anyway. Women will be damned, mocked, and dismissed by misogynists, sexists, anti-feminists, and people who just don’t care, whether they show up looking fierce as Beyonce in “Formation”, cuddly as Hello Kitty, or boardroom-ready as Hillary Clinton. In short: Haters gonna hate.

Women are constantly getting restrictive messages about what to wear/not wear in order to be deemed respectable or desirable or legitimate, in order to be taken seriously. Part of our empowerment should be the ability to shrug off or defy this status quo. To refuse to play by arbitrary rules set by media, advertising or “tradition”.

We shouldn’t have to capitulate to the faulty idea that “it doesn’t matter what she’s thinking/saying; look only at what she’s wearing” when it comes to protesting or anything else. And we shouldn’t be told to do so under the guise of advancing our cause(s). We should be able to feel comfortable expressing ourselves in what makes us feel most confident and powerful (a pink pussycat hat, a dress and stilettos, a t-shirt and jeans, or something else). We ought to have the support, not the judgment, of fellow feminists in that endeavor.

We should be allowed to knit our pink hats and wear them, too. With passion and purpose (and glittery signs, if that’s what some of us choose). Because our strength lies not in looking homogenous or nondescript, but in our ability to stand together and accept each other in varied expressions of our womanhood and ourselves.

Cornelia L. Dolian writes fiction and nonfiction. She’s between websites, but you can connect with her on Medium (@cornelialdolian), Twitter (@cornelialdolian) and Facebook.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Art of the Matter: Adrienne "Butterfly" Charleston - I Don't Have The Time

by Da CogNegro

Equipped with a towering, crown of  hair, a disarming smile, and a voice that resonates with comforting familiarity, Adrienne Charleston truly embraces what she has coined  "The Butterfly Flow". And like that winged creature, her essence is one that is often marveled and sought after.I met Ms. Charleston in what can only be described as a strange twist of fate. The resulting encounter would wind up serving as the catalyst of my return to the stage. It was not only her luminous presentation that stirred up latent ideas and aspirations  but also her ability to tame the mic and spin tales of unabashed joy, as well wrenching heartache, that would make the most stoic individual emote without reservation. The beauty in her work rest in the relatability of her words. She does not put up literary and abstract barriers that make it challenging to embrace her ideas and in doing so, allows the listener to undergo a metamorphosis that transforms them from spectator into a willing participant. I have been very fortunate to share the stage with the Butterfly and look forward to being present at her next landing destination!- CgN


Photo credited to Michelle Hayes
Adrienne Charleston decided that at the age of 25, she wanted to help people reach their full potential! At that time, she found herself , seven years into the military, as a Legal Specialist with some years left on her obligation. So, she made a plan. This plan took years to come to fruition, but she never gave up and kept moving forward despite the speed bumps life placed in her way. Adrienne completed that active duty obligation and then some! She then joined the Army Reserve as a Mental Health Specialist. While in the reserves, she was working toward military retirement and on her degrees. Adrienne went back to her home town and attended Fayetteville State University where she graduated, with honors, with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice.Adrienne then attended North Carolina Central University where she received her masters in Psychology. Prior to her completion of her masters program, she had retired from the military. Adrienne then tested and became a Licensed Psychological Associate and began practicing in the state of North Carolina. She is now a published author with the release of her first book, a collection of poetry, entitled Butterfly Flow. She also provides life coaching  as well as psychology services in Raleigh and still finds time to manage performing artist that include the talented KG The Artisan. You can contact Ms. Charleston, as well as purchase her collection of poetry, at her website:

I Don't Have The Time

I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between "therapizing" others
Writing poems
Promoting my artists
Performing at shows
Doing events
And even speaking engagements
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between taking care of me
Going out dancing
Learning myself
Loving myself
And living my life
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between the men who want to change me
The men who want to use me
The men that just want my body
The men that want to control me
And the men that just don’t want me
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
No matter how much I am open
No matter how many guys I give a chance
No matter how many dates I have been on
No matter how many ways I try to meet a different type
And no matter how approachable I try to be
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
This conclusion that I have come to
May or may not be true
I think this is a better option than the truth
That Love doesn’t have time for me

Monday, January 9, 2017

From The Stands :Super Mario Run

by Victoria White 

Game Overview: Super Mario Run is a side-scrolling auto running mobile game by Nintendo.Released first on iOS and will later be released for Android devices in 2017. It is free to play with a game purchase that unlocks all levels. Mario automatically runs from left to right and auto jumps on his own to clear small gaps or obstacles. Players must touch the screen to make larger jumps.The goal is to get Mario through the level, in the fastest time, while collecting the most coins, defeating enemies, and gathering special items.

Fangirl's Thoughts: The game is visually stunning with very clean lines. I like how easy it is to play and becomes quickly addictive as you are trying to collect those widow-maker special coins. The game is not as easy as you think which increases its' ability to be replayed . There is a feature in the game called Toad Rally in which you compete against other players (ghost version of the player) and attempt to collect the most coins. If you succeed, you gain the extra toads to your kingdom. However, if you fail, you will lose toads so definitely take your time and make sure you can beat the opponent that you chose. You also have the ability to play other characters besides Mario, once you unlock them!

Founded in 2013, FanGirl Review has captured the interest of folks abroad with its insights into the old of video games, movies, television, gear and so much more. Owner and editor, Victoria White, continues to ensure that Fangirl Review is your ultimate source in everything Geek and Hip! Be sure to check out and subscribe to any of the social media channels that share the same name!

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Reel Talk: Hidden Figures

by Da CogNegro

Release Date: December 25th (Limited)  January 6th (Nationwide)

Synopsis: Based on a true story, a team of African American women provide NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch the program's first successful space missions.

Review: A pervasive trend in black cinema, that has become more and more difficult to contend with, is the notion that our dramatic narratives must revolve around the theme of being victimized. This is not to say that  history is not replete with such tales of persecution. However, there has been an incessant clamoring for other accounts to be depicted in film, thus proving that the tent poles of our history are not just planted in the soil of victimization.This is why Hidden Figures succeeds at not only being a refreshing take but  one that constitutes as necessary viewing. The three central characters, played vividly and meticulously by Taraji P. Henson, Janell Monae and Octavia Spencer, do well to authentically encapsulates the essence of  empowered , black feminism during a time when it was suppressed thanks in part to societal biases fueled by white supremacy.To witnesses the debunking of such beliefs, that these "figures" were intellectually inferior, creates repeated moments of immense satisfaction and joy that never feels patronizing or playacted. Beyond its' crowd pleasing aspects though stirs burrowing concerns that relate to the omission  of other such figures and events from the pages of American history. Nevertheless, those lingering concerns can not prevent this film from being triumphant in providing models, for girls of  all shades, to aspire to as well  accomplished women, gaining the opportunity, to finally witness their mirror images receive proper praise and attention! (A-) -CgN

Monday, January 2, 2017

Take Five: Biggest L(s) of 2016

by Da CogNegro

By now, you  should have fully recovered from your New Year's Eve hangover and come up with a rational excuse on why you vomited in your friend's flower pot when clearly, the toilet was only a mere three feet away from the scene of the crime! Anyway, the general consensus is that 2016 sucked! Or, as Don Lemon  put it, tequila and piercings for everyone!! Being that last year was the equivalent to garlic filled perogies, served with a side of  "Damn, she ran out of morning after pills", you may be saying to yourself "Why are we unearthing 2016 when we already  buried it with the neighbors' collection of Hentai trading cards  and our beloved pet gerbil: Sir Mittens?

2016 is the dog and you're the cat. Just play along. Trust me!

Did not like that illustration? Well maybe Soulja Boy can offer a better analogy:

So I was in my spot right and I heard somebody creeping in so I was like "Bow, Bow, Bow"! I took his mask off and was like  "Yo, that's 2016..Bow, Bow, Bow"

Whatever whimsical meme you decide to use to aid you in coming to grips with your feelings about 2016, let's focus on five events, or series of events, that made that year quite the suckfest!

5.The Panthers Lose Superbowl 50

Perhaps I may be basking in hyperbole, but no matter who you rooted for in the NFL, or even if you wren't a fan of football at all, everyone became a fan of The Carolina Panthers, more specifically Cam Newton, during the 2015-2016 NFL season. Newton seemed to represent a Superhero of color that had been absent from professional sports. He was able to overcome insurmountable odds while shrugging off all opposition, those on the field and those off as well. Equipped with a million dollar smile, playful charm and charitable deeds, we all were ready to fly into the winner's circle on Cam's back. His ascension was made even more pivotal due to the fact that we had experienced a systematic deconstruction of black male celebrities, that were held in high regard, as well as the deaths of a host of back males at the hands of the authorities. So when the Panthers were trounced by the Denver Broncos, we all let out a disappointing sigh that resonated  throughout our hollowed hopes and beyond the normal Monday water cooler chatter

4.XXL 2016 Freshmen Class

Dear God!!! When Moses spoke about the ten plagues, he neglected to tell Pharaoh that an eleventh one would descend upon humanity in the 21st century resulting in mass hysteria ,spiked sales of codeine and Molly and hip hop purist collectively slitting their wrist while listening to Eric B and Rakim's Paid in Full. If you happened to survive the Freshmen class' "cypher", and I do use the term loosely, then you are indeed the real MVP!  From 21 Savage's incessant references to himself, in the third person nonetheless, as if he was not aware of pronouns, to Kodak Black blaming the beat for his lack of English conjugation ,down to Designer's tribal chants, that I am assured conjured some tribal spirits to participate in some nefarious deeds, all pointed to the fact that we had fallen below mediocrity as it related to hip hop music. Yes, we sunk to a new level of hell that homes countless 4K televisions that have this very cyhper on an infinite loop. Thank you Lil Wayne, now come get your alcohol and weed induced offspring!

3.The Ones We Lost

My history of film instructor, rest in peace Mr. Russo, once told us that "Death is such an old disease."Despite the fact that is indeed apart of the circle of life, it still seems to be a force that is untimely. This year was the epitome of losing those who were pillars in their crafts and had left lasting imprints on the fabric of everyone's existence. Yes, celebrities pass every year. However, 2016 seemed relentless as each week, and in some cases, days, we were dealt another blow to our cherished memories and visions into the future that possessed these icons. And what hurts even more is that the void these individuals have left behind will never be filled. Cherish life for it is indeed a precious commodity.

2.That's The Sound of The Police

Keith Scott, Alton Sterling,  and Philando Castile are just three of the 250 African Americans who lost their lives, at the hands of the police, according to the Washington Post. Out of those 250, 39 of them, including the previously mentioned names, were unarmed. To add insult to injury, the officers responsible for the deaths of Tamar Rice and Frddie Gray, were acquitted of all charges as well.Such statistics are quite disturbing and continue to prove that more than mere police reform is needed to curb this societal scourge. We must continue to be vocal and steadfast as it relates to our beliefs and actions. Furthermore, more prominent individuals need to use their celebrity as a platform to speak out against such injustices.If not, then this item will be making another appearance on next year's list!

1.Him Downstairs...

I know I promised you  a full post election write up on the shenanigans that took place. However, when I got to my keyboard, my fingers couldn't move and my mind was unable to formulate complete sentences let alone a comprehensive and cohesive write up. Only then, did I realize that I had not finish grieving. Yes, like many Americans, I was still trudging my way trough the five stages of grief!

Denial: No way this guy just won! I'm dreaming right?  But, but the Huffington Post stated that Hillary had a 90%, or something like that, chance of winning!There must be some mistake! Ah! Yes! The voting machines had to have been tampered with. Also, Wisconsin hasn't got all their votes in as of yet. I wish Wolf Blitzer would fix that damn map to accurately portray the correct statistics!

Anger: I can't believe that over 40 million Americans voted for this buffoon who has no political experience what so ever. This guy is a reality star! How stupid are we, really?! Just wait..all of these idiots who voted against their self interest are in for a rude awakening. And guess what? It's going to be too late all because they don't possess the foresight to see beyond their own racist,misogynistic , homophobic and xenophobic beliefs! They rather put their faith in this small hand kamikaze pilot to lead our country to destruction! No one in their right man would think of approaching me today and attempting  to rationalize their reasons for voting for agent orange!

Bargaining: Well we still have the electoral college. Maybe if we get all of these individuals to sign this petition, they will see that there was an error. Yes, we live in a democracy so they have to listen to us. If we get the results overturned, I promise to be more proactive in getting my family and friends to vote. I will be more socially active and volunteer for more worthwhile events. Oh yes, and let me not forget to pray on the matter. God will  definitely get us through . It is in his hands and we have been faithful servants of him so I know he will fix this debacle.

Depression: I don't even want to go to work today. Ever since the election, I don't trust anyone. My skepticism is at an all time high. What's the use in voting anyway if the system is rigged? We are helpless and these vile politicians are going to send us back to a time where injustices to people of color, women, gay and lesbians as well as immigrants ran supreme. I just don't even know what to say or do anymore.Whatever....

Acceptance: To Be Determined.

No matter what 2016 meant for you personally, I want you to keep this in mind:
As we close out another year, focus on growth. Doing so will allow you positively effect those around you, as you will be better equipped to aid them, as well as bask in your accomplishments. This will result in you doing everything within you power to maintain that feeling. Yes, we encountered some hardships, suffered some loss, and experienced failure. Nevertheless, through those experiences, we were able to sharpen our skills, refine our output and ultimately, build our character. Enjoy the journey and continue to create new destinations as we reach the point in which we all become the masterpieces we are destined to be...Happy 2017 ya'll!!!  CgN