Monday, November 17, 2014

Corner Spotlight: Alice Smith- Be Easy

I absolutely adore this woman! I've been a fan of Ms. Smith ever since I stumbled upon her song Dream on a associate's My Space page some six years ago.Though she is a Grammy nominated artist, mention Alice in a conversation and most people will respond with confused looks and shrugged shoulders. Such a shame that this multifaceted  artist is relatively unknown, especially in this day and age where music is devoid of talent and soul.If you ever get the opportunity to witness Alice live, do your self a favor and just go! It is an experience like no other!

(Alice and I at The Durham Art of Cool Festival)


  1. She gets a lot of airplay on SiriusXM, but I never hear her anywhere else. She's an amazing artist.

  2. @Veronica..Well I'm glad she is getting some recognition somewhere. If you haven't listened to her album "She" in its' entirety, definitely do so! She has a great cover of Cee Lo Green's Fool For You on there.