Monday, March 22, 2010

Song of The Week (Bi-Weekly)

A dark, brooding and somber cover to the Kate Bush's 80's romp a room hit, this song's edgy disposition and heavy religious overtones is just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor's name was Doctor Mindbender of course...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Do We Do These Things (#2)

The eighties left us with some great memories. Fortunately, this wasn't one of them. I hope you're ready "When the combustion becomes an explosion"! I know I'll never be.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Song of The Week (Bi-Weekly)

To be perfectly honest, I know nothing about the group known as Crustation but I am so glad that I stumbled upon this gem produced by the criminally underrated J-Dilla (RIP). This track takes me to another realm and is a prominent entry on my "bedtime" soundtrack. Just zone out cat daddies to the purple highlights (Zooooom)

Why Do We Do These Things ? (#1)

To capitalize on the Steven Q. Urkel craze of the early to mid nineties,Ralston Foods decided to immortalize the surprise star of the hit Cosby esq sitcom Family Matters with his own breakfast cereal. Made with ingredients that we can't pronounce, the tagline encouraged us to get Urkelized with Urkel.Os.What being Urkelized entailed, I haven't the foggiest, but the sheep that consumed the artificially flavored strawberry and banana "cereal" seemed too eager to find out.
Of course the advertisement was told in the form of a catchy,and when I say catchy, I mean mind numbingly stuck in the back of your cerebral cortex while  festering like gym socks in the varsity quarterback's gymbag, rap limericks. Because everything sounds better in rap! Hammer would be proud. Yet and still, Urkel's "bars" were only slightly worst than anything Lil Wayne has released. I rather get crammed in the Hurt Locker than eat this sad attempt at crossover marketing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 3)

Subject: GodZooki

Show: Godzilla

Infamous For: Providing failed comic relief for the otherwise serious natured show about a giant lizard who stalked Tokyo and battled giant lobsters and moths.Because a show about a giant lizard who stalks Tokyo and battles giant lobsters and moths is nothing to laugh at in itself.

Last Seen: Blowing Bubbles. No Wonder That Monkey Always Had a Smile on His Face. (Double entendre strikes again! Muhahahahaahahaha)

New is the New... New

Boo, good, got your attention. Anyway, I'm going to be introducting some regular features on this blog. Although I love showing off my poetery for an auidence of one, maybe two, it's time to branch out.Here's some stuff to look out for:

1.Take Five: A top five list of whatever I feel needs to honored.

2.Random Obscure Animated Characters You May or May Not Care About: Simply for the fact that this section cracks me up.

3.Song of The Week: This will be done Bi-Weekly. There's so many songs I want you guys to check out.

4. Why Do You Do These Things ? : There are some things that need to be questioned in life!!!!

 That's all folks