Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Take Five: Michael Jackson/ Jackson 5 Samples

by Jermaine Roberts

Michael Jackson is the greatest, musical entertainer of all time! I know people have their feelings about the person but the singer himself belongs on the Mount Rushmore of musicians!  Everyone knows at least one song of his whether it be from the Jackson 5 (ABC), the Jacksons (Can You Feel It) or his solo act (the entire Thriller album).  This is evident by how much, in all facets of music, he is sampled! In this instance, we’re gonna strictly deal with hip hop.  So, with all this said, here are the top 5 MJ Hip Hop Samples:


Artist: Naughty by Nature
Samples from: ABC 

This is probably the most popular Michael Jackson-sampled song ever.  A close second is Kris Kross' Jump , which samples the Jackson Five's I Want You Back.  Instead of reciting your standard "A,B,C(s), these brothers from Jersey show up talking about other people’s (ummmm) property, which resulted in us being treated to one of the most popular hip hop cuts of all-time!  Twenty-four years later and guess what ,we’re still down with it!  Don’t believe me, just have this song drop.  I’ll be the guy rapping the whole track in the back!


Artist: Q-Tip
Samples: Dancing Machine

Admittedly, this J-Dilla beat isn’t his best MJ sample. No,that award would go to It’s Time: Donut of the Heart, which samples All I Do is Think of You, but I felt that was cheating  being that it’s an instrumental & you’re essentially listening to the Jackson through its' entirety.  Instead, Q-Tip goes full MJ on Move!  The Dancing Machine beat over this track, that dropped back in 2008, gives Kamaal the Abstract one of his best verses in years.  To top it all off, the video is a tribute to Michael Jackson’s Rock With You and that's  a win all around!

3. Breakadawn

Artist: De La Soul
Samples: I Can’t Help It

I’m still upset that De La Soul's discography is not fully available on Spotify, but that’s  another rant for another time.  Prince Paul flips the track, from MJ's Off the Wall ,into a smooth banger.  De La Soul is probably more known for Me, Myself and I, which can start a whole tangent of Parliament Funkadelic samples, but this single off of Buhloone Mindstate stands its' ground amongst the rest of their catalogue.

2.It Ain't Hard to Tell

Artist: Nas
Samples: Human Nature

Bruh,this was tough!  I continually flip flopped on this song being either number one or two on this list!  I agonized over its' placement as I listened to this entry ,off my personal playlist, and imagined I was hanging out with SWV on the beach! In the end, this classic track, off of Nas' first and best album Illmatic, would be my number two or, 1B in this instance.  With Large Professor on the production, this may be Nas’ best song in his catalouge, considering all the samples and quotes that come from it. I think DJ Premier could scratch an entire beat using nothing but Nas' lyrics and make an album of it! 

1.All That I Got is You

Artist: Ghostface Killah
Samples: Maybe Tomorrow

Now you understand how tough it is!  In the end, I took great story over great lyrics.  Ghostface’s autobiographical account of his childhood is one of the most gripping tracks in hip hop. RZA took a ballad, that isn’t the happiest, and transported people to a dark place that they only heard about but never bother to pay attention to in detail.  It’s considered one of the best songs in the genre’s history.  The Jackson 5  definitely smiled upon this!

Special Shout to some honorable mentions:

  2Pac- Letter te My Unborn 
  Puff Daddy and The Family- All About The Benjamins

For your audio pleasure, I have my Spotify playlist for public consumption, including some R&B tracks that technically are not eligible for this list  (what you know about Portrait?!). 
Otherwise, you can find me @JayNDouglas through various social medias.  Have a good day!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Corner Spotlight: CC Sunchild - Being With You

by Teresa Leggard 

CC Sunchild’s Being with You is as light and sweet as carnival cotton candy. The Atlanta-based artist uses a simple melody and charming instrumentation (tuba, for cuteness sake!), and her playful yet masterful vocals are a delight. Of course, she’s singing about love – or at least a very strong “like.” This is a song to skip,dance or even smooch to! (Yes, I said “smooch” – the song made me do it.)

With the word “sun” in her very name, it’s no surprise that CC delivers such a bright, happy alternative to the hyper-sexed, self-serving landscape of contemporary R&B. Play your cards right, and you could ride this tune right into cuffing season.

She’s an indie artist, so show support for good music and purchase the song on Bandcamp or Amazon.

BandCamp: Here  (Free Listen)

Amazon: Here

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Take Five: How My Black A** Would Survive These Horror Movies

by  Omar Holmon
There comes that point where I am watching a scary movie (always being forced to) where the suspension of disbelief just straight up shuts down. I’m all for the classic horror movies and villains (not really) but I’m thinking shit would be a bit different with Black folk as the lead due to our experience with how we handle shit. I’m not saying we’re better survivors, I’m just… actually, yeah, that’s exactly what I’m saying. Maybe it’s just me, but I see plot lines going way differently when facing off against some of the horror icons. I’ll take the forefront with how I would handle these certain horror villains and thriller situations.

Aliens / Predator [Aliens / Predator / Aliens Vs Predator]

Dealing with Aliens is simple. I’m not going into space. If I was one of those folks that applied to go on that Mars mission then I’d have a more strategic answer, but since I have common “nah I’m good” sense, Aliens wouldn’t be a threat. However, Predator is a bit different. Predator goes to planets looking to start shit, so there’s no avoiding that that shit — the hunt is their right of passage. Predator is similar to the Black experience with police as they lie in the cut and then decide to come at you because they got the power to do so, because (as we’ve been reminded) we’re the most dangerous game. The main difference is there’s a code with the Predators. You fight back to take’em down and they’ll dap you with respect, as Michael Harrigan (Danny Glover) showed us. Or you can help them out in the field as Alexa Woods (Sanaa Lathan) did and afterwards she was rewarded by getting the insignia recognizing her as a warrior by the clan (#NotAllPredators?).
So, at best, I’m helping out Predator somehow. I’m straight up telling him, “Look man, I’m showing my allegiance with you, so who we after? Drug Lords again or aliens, cause I don’t like either of those mother fuckers no way no how anyway.”

You Wanna Hunt What? F***it I'm Down For Whatever Man!

Dinosaurs [Jurassic Park / Jurassic World]

There’s no way on any part of the universe would I be caught at Jurassic Park or Jurassic World. Like, what’s a better survival plan than utterly refusing to go because there’s a muh fucking park… with muh fucking actual dinosaurs. No. Just hell no. But for argument’s sake, let’s say I’m a 10 year old that wants to go on a field trip there or whatever. Son, MY. MOM. WOULD. NOT. BE. HAVING. IT. First off, I’m going to assume she isn’t sending me to the Flintstone’s Trap House because, A) She loves me, and B) She would tell me if I wanna see dinosaurs I better take my ass to the museum and pet one of the dead ones on display. I could hear her now sayin, “Must be out your mind talkin’ ’bout some Jurassic World. Why don’t you go clean your room and see if you find any fossils in there, cause you ain’t cleaned it since they cloned the first damn dinosaur anyhow.” News would break about the dinosaurs getting out days later.
Oh, you still wanna go to some Jurassic World now? I didn't think so!

Michael Meyers [Halloween]

Straight up going toe-to-toe and pound for pound with Michael Meyers. You wanna ask why? Cause fucking Busta Rhymes gave him the fucking jumping front kick (in Timbs!) out of a window. Since that is technically a WWF move, and I hold true to the theory that whoever gets hit with a WWF move in a fight automatically loses (even if they win), I’m nailing Meyers with that HBK Sweet Chin Music and letting the chips fall where they may.

Jason Vorhees [Friday The 13th]

First and foremost, I’m nowhere in any part of America where walking round with a machete and a hockey mask is a regular thing where no one bats an eye. I see a dude in a hockey mask and there isn’t a goal, referee, or ice in the vicinity? I know it’s time to go. Also I’m pretty sure everyone hears that “ch-huh-ch-huh-ch-huh-ha-ha-ha-ha” sound when Jason is around more than likely because he is making it himself. As far as tactics, I’m running. Now I know everyone is like “Ooooh, Jason is slow but he catches you”. FUCK. OUTTA. HERE. WITH. THAT. SHIT.
They always trip over something in the woods (I’m convinced everyone been tripping at the same spot in the same woods in movies for years). I ran track in high school for this occasion fucking specifically, man. You not just running for your life, you’re running for the team. I’m making it to my fam to be like, “Man, you ain’t gonna believe the shit I just saw… I was out soon as I saw dude. I fuckin’ ran, man. Y’all woulda been proud of me.”
Worst case scenario I know Jason is weak against water, so in that case I’m gettin’ Sharkeisha or Solange to take Jason down cause their fighting style might as well be Water Bending from the Avatar: The Last Airbender series. Jason wouldn’t stand a chance cause he know…

Freddy Krueger [Nightmare On Elm Street]

Finally, we'll go with one of the biggest horror icons in the game, Freddy Kruegar. He’s got the claw hand thing going and he mostly merks folks in their dreams. Cats would usually try to stay awake in order to avoid Freddy, but when that fails they’re stuck in a nightmare where he is in control. That does seem scary, but there’s a reason Freddy’s ass kept that shit in the ‘burbs. He wouldn’t be trying to get in Omar’s dreams from The Wire. Freddy know better than that — all I’m saying is he tries going in a Black dude’s head? He getting beat down by the cops early, which would be the safer bet cause then I’d have my whole squad come out and roast him for what he’s wearing. “Look at your shoes, boy! Lookin’ like Dick Van Dyke’s hand me downs. Oh my gawd, look at his watered-down Where’s Waldo sweater doe!” Freddy wouldn’t even be able to handle the fucking jokes being snapped on’em at damn near light speed. There’s nothing to protect Freddy once a brother gets in his in earth bending roast stance with the hand at an acute 45-degree angle.

What, he gonna try and go into a Black woman’s head? NOOOOOOPE! He’ll get crushed by the tempered glass ceiling they face daily. Oh, it ain’t a problem for them since they gotta punch through that shit daily, but Freddy can’t. He never been in a dream where the white privilege is working against him. I would have loved seeing Freddy try to come up in my mom’s dreams. He’d be doing the dishes, taking out trash, filing her taxes and using the his knife gloves to do mani-pedis QUICK! I’m not hearing it with you, Fred.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Classic Corner: Wayback Wednesday

by Jason Albert

Time to go back…..way back….back into time!

As a 80s baby, I sometimes fail to realize how good we had it growing up.  Be it freeze tag outside until the lights came on, or, on a rainy day, playing my favorite video game on Atari or Nintendo.  But you know where some of the most memorable moments came from?? That’s right: television!

Let’s see, we had The Cosby Show, A Different World, Family Matters, Martin, Living Single, and  New York Undercover (Just to name a few). All we have today is The Game, Empire or Housewives of some random state on the map!  It’s amazing how dumbed down television has become! Yet, we are so quick to eat it up!  But right now, I am going to take it back and reminisce over my youth!

The Cosby Show was pretty much everyone’s favorite family! This series showed the world  that an African American couple could be successful, raise a family, and inevitably,achieve the American dream!  At the same time, it showed that no matter how much, or how little, you have monetarily, all families have problems. Yet, those problems can be resolved... together! The dynamic between siblings was also a big factor in the show….I can only imagine my sister making me a Gordon Gartrell:

The Cosby Show eventually paved the way for another successful sitcom. Enter A Different World and the students of Hillman College! This show broke major ground! We can all appreciate the trials and tribulations of college,but let’s be real, these folks right here, prepared us for it!  Every week, this show was able to give us an idea of what it was like to be an adult, in school, and trying to make something better of yourself.  Many of us went to college because of this show (I know I did!).  For six seasons, we watched a group of kids grow into adults and teach us life lessons that we will never forget.

Martin is, hands down, one of my favorite sitcoms of all time! This show was every bit of the 90s culture that we know and love.  Martin was at the height of his career and  he brought a group of friends along the way that he worked with in numerous cult classic movies.  This show paid plenty of tribute to movies such as New Jack City:

We had it good back in the 80s-90s because our  shows actually had  substance!  With streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu and channels such as Centric, TV One and MTV2, we have the opportunity to relive some of our youth and escape the yelling and foolishness that consume our televisions sets today.  One can only hope  that we can continue to keep the classics alive! God knows that these Millennials have no idea what they are missing!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why Do We Do These Things: Any Thots?

by Shannon Burgess

T. H. O. T spells THOT!

No, I’m not a contestant in a spelling bee and no, it’s not a typo, but you likely already knew that. Seems everybody knows things like that, but I’m usually late on the latest lingo. If a term isn’t in Webster’s, there’s a huge chance I don’t know what it means so I asked, “What's a Thot?”
The response: 

“That hoe over there.” 

After a moment of reflection, I was still confused. What hoe and where? After a great deal of head scratching and a slew of examples, I got it! But, wait!  I didn’t  get it?!  So, I decided to look it up:

Thot:  Acronym That Hoe Over There. A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties. 

Marquan: "Yo, that's my main girl." 
Deshaun: "She yo main girl, but she my main thot!"

After a brief giggle (Did they really invent a plural?) I concluded that was no help so I did a little more research. I happened upon a few more examples. I even found another definition:

Thot: Thirsty Hoe Over There. 

Grammatically, this second definition made more sense (I actually knew what thirsty meant) and thus I finally got it…or did I?

I didn’t get it and I still don’t. Do we need another term to humiliate and degrade women? Are not bitch, hoe, slut, tramp and skank enough? I’m certain there are a lot of other terms, but again, if they aren’t in Webster’s…

I’m not certain, but I also get the sense that THOT is reserved for black women, which really makes my ovaries hurt. Black women, the backbone of brothers  - black women,  the first to drop a charge against the abusive brother and the last to drop a dime against the accused brother  – black women - 50% of the consumers buying the albums of the very “artists” getting rich off of degrading them and 90% of the population giving up their bodies to carry black male seeds that grow up to disrespect them - black women,

Yes, black women. We’re all black women. If a woman desires sex, she is not a thirsty skank. She is a black woman desiring sex. If a black woman sleeps with a lot of men. She is not a hoe, but a black woman that is promiscuous.  If a black woman is pissed off, she is she is not bitch. She is a black woman that happens to be angry, much like I am now. It is a shame that a few ignorant, (clears throat) brothas invent these terms. But, the real tragedy is that we adopt them. We make them a part of our collective conscience and spew them without conscience. They become not only a part of the story that some rapper was trying to tell, but a part the history that “they” are trying to sell.

That hoe over there is somebody’s daughter. That hoe over there will one day carry somebody’s son. That hoe over there is the recipient of somebody’s abuse, neglect and ignorance. That hoe over there is is likely not even a “hoe” at all. She is a student. She is an artist. She is a writer. She is a volunteer. She is a proud woman, too dignified to give the ignorance of a few ignorant (clears throat again) men, another thought.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Corner Spotlight : Yuna- Live Your Life

By Terrance L. Hector

I realize that I'm three years late to the party, but I heard this song yesterday and was immediately inspired to promote it!

Live Your Life is a song by Malaysian Singer Yuna. Produced by renowned producer, Pharrell Williams, Live Your Life is Yuna’s first single from her self-titled album Yuna.

Unfortunately, yesterday was the anniversary of my brother's death.  This song was an immediate and much-needed pick-me-up.  This time of the year is always extremely difficult to deal with, as it is full of holidays and other siblings’ birthdays, which all serve as devastating reminders that one of us isn’t here anymore.

This, in turn, leads to a worsening of my depression and PTSD symptoms, leading me into a “rut” for the last few months of the year.  Regardless of their exact triggers, I know many people can relate to this (whether they admit it or not), so I want to send this song to them in particular.

I find this song beautiful in its simplicity and incredibly inspirational.  I hope it helps you get through whatever difficulties you may be going through.


Find your light
Don't hide from who you are
And rise before you fall
In hope for something more
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to

All my life
I've been looking for something amazing
It's almost like I've been stargazing
The sky is right above me

Were meant for something bigger than this
Don't ever try to dismiss
Yourself, cause you don't have to

Find your light
Don't hide from what you are
And rise before you fall
In hope for something more
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to

All my life
My dreams just seem so far away
And now it's like
They're here to stay
I hold it close to me

Were meant for something bigger than this
Don't ever try to dismiss
Yourself, cause you don't have to

Find your light
Don't hide from who you are
And rise before you fall
In hope for something more
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to

Find your light
Don't hide from who you are
And rise before you fall
In hope for something more
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to
Live if you really want to

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Why Do We Do These Things: To Auction From Building Blocks?!

by Da CogNegro

The picture above is a screenshot of a  good ol' fashion game of "Slave Tetris"...I repeat, A GAME  THAT USES SLAVES AS TETRIS PIECES!

Created by the  Danish developers at Serious  Games, this "Tetris" like mini-game  is  actually a portion of the "educational" Playing History series. This particular entry is entitled Slave Trade. In the game, you play as a young slave lad by the name of Tim. Your mission, if you choose to accept it....yea right, you're a slave remember you have no choices in life, is to help your captain  purchase 300 slaves and transport them to the Americas! You also are commissioned with steering the slave ship as well. If you go off course, you lose. If you even think of taking the ship back to Africa, guess what, you lose!

Things get a bit sticky though when you find out that your sister is also aboard the boat. With this revelation, you would figure that perhaps some type of mutiny will occur. Thus educating  the young player that slaves were not just mindless drones being transported from one region of the world to the other.Um, not quite! Instead, you simply stuff your sibling into another boat that is headed to the Atlantic while  you continue to aid your captain in purchasing and transporting slaves!

Fun For The Whole Family
According to the developers, the purpose of the game is to educate children to the horrors of the slave trade first hand!  Yes, because nothing screams "horror" more than an animated mouse donning a cowboy hat and a  ambiguous, smiling sea creature who looks like a rejected extra from a failed Pixar movie. There are countless of other egregious depictions and actions within the game, but I will allow you to conduct your own research to discover what they are. (Hint: an African character does steal a line from Mr.T that rhymes with "I City the Pool")

Due to public outrage, the"Tertis" portion has been removed from Slave Trade. However, the remainder of the game is still available on gaming outlets such as STEAM.Ironically, there was just as much outrage for the mini game's removal as there was for its' inclusion. Obviously, we have some upstanding folk who wish to act on their unbridled desires to be  slave handlers! Well, it could be worst, it's not like they are planning on remaking ROOTS!

Our recent fascination with slave culture is  problematic. This game's intentions was not to educate but rather trivialize the atrocities of slavery and profit of the controversy it would create. This same argument can be used in our constant revisiting of the subject. I, in no way, am saying that we should forget  about what occurred, especially since its' ramifications are still being felt today! However, we have enough depictions, both historical and fictional, in pop culture to hold us off until the next three Tarantino movies  rationalizes the rampant use of the N-Word! Would it have been difficult for Serious Games to produce a something about African Kings and Queens? Or how about the expeditions of Matthew Henson? Or tinkering with inventions through the FPS perspective of Garrett Morgan?  On second thought, let's hold off on the whole inventing idea! Nowadays, if you are  a person of color and you decide to build , I don't know... a clock, you may be arrested at your school. 

- CgN

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Reel Talk: Black Mass

Synopsis: True story of one of the most notoriously, brutal criminals in Bostonian history: James Whitey Bulger.

Review: The temperature is getting brisk and the days are a tad bit shorter. These signs indicate that the Academy Award season is upon us and what better way to usher in this time of year than with an Oscar worthy performance from Johnny Depp as the vile and visceral James Whitey Bulger. Director Scoot Cooper successfully paints a very drab and seedy South Boston filled with corruption at every corner and not a heavy handed, morality grab in sight. You will begin to sense a feeling of "deja vu" though  as other films have highlighted similar tales and settings (The Town , Mystic River, etc). But again, Depp's performance will engulf  you to the point that  one does not take a great deal of offense to being exposed to  such  familiar themes and tropes. (B) -CgN

Black Mass will be released, nationwide, on September 18th.

Monday, September 14, 2015

Corner Spotlight: Sylvia- Pillow Talk

Shout out to an old friend for exposing me to this deliciously, sultry number. Part Donna Summers, part Girl from Ipanema,Sylvia's Pillow Talk will have you picking up some scented candles from Pier 1 and your bottle of choice before returning home to that special someone. By the way, tell'em Da CogNegro sent you!  Aye Yie Yie Yie!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art of The Matter: Metropolis

by DS

I lost count.
Crowds are the loneliest places,
So I keep company with solitude
While masquerading in m
y cape
Red sheet AKA, security blanket.
Last of a dead breed amongst suckers 
that are born every minute... (Sixty an hour)
Getting lifted at 12 (High Noon)
Green is my weakness
So Envy I thwart off.
Three sides to every story:
Truth,Justice,And the American way.
A way that always detours my train of thought
That locomotive is on the other side of the tracks
So I’m cold as Steel
Stoic successor, dubbed Black!
Even though my brothers die by means of a speeding bullet.
How I wish they were faster...

6-2-06 10:23 PM

Friday, September 11, 2015

Good Friday: Raising Dion!

by Da CogNegro

I honestly can not believe that I was able to contain my excitement, for this project, for a whole week! But I did it folks. Aren't you proud of me? Now where's my Scooby snacks? What? You ran out?! Not to give too much away, what I will divulge is that Raising Dion follows  the daily life of single mother, Nicole, and her triumphs and struggles in raising a super powered child. Created by Dennis Liu and written by Charles Pulliam Moore, Raising Dion looks to be a different take on the superhero archetype and one that I  will thoroughly enjoy following and supporting!

Hold on, you're going to have to give me a moment here. I was quite taken aback by that awesome trailer!


Thursday, September 10, 2015

Corner Spotlight: Arrested Development: Living

This past weekend, I finally got the opportunity to experience Arrested Development live! I was instantly taking back to my childhood as the band played songs that I will always consider classics (Tennessee ring a bell?) . Though they have undergone some roster changes, lead vocalist/hip hop artist Speech still is at the forefront of the progressive hip hop tandem.The group has not been able to match the success of Mr. Wendel and People Everyday, but that has not stopped them from creating some great music. Enter their lead single, off their album Standing at the Crossroad, entitled Living!

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reel Talk: The Visit

by DaCogNegro

Synopsis: A single mother sends her two children to visit their estranged grandparents .

Review: Reduced to a  mere punchline in most critics' circles, M. Night Shyamalan's The Visit is the perfect blend of horror and humor and avoids the usual pitfalls that have plagued the majority of his previous films. Hopefully, this latest work proves to be the first step on the road to redemption for a once promising director. (B+) -CgN

*The Village will be released in theaters this Friday, September 11th

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Take Five:Magical Negros

by Da CogNegro

From Uncle Remus to God himself (Morgan Freeman in Bruce Almighty), the Magical Negro trope has been utilized in film for quite some time. The term became popular during Spike Lee's college speaking tour. The term refers to a character who comes to the aid of the protagonist and usually possess wisdom in the form of sage advice or utilizing supernatural powers. The Magical Negro is usually introduced when the protagonist is at his or her lowest point. He or she then begins a persistent quest or journey to aid the protagonist, even if it means sacrificing him or herself to do so! Here are five notable Magical Negros for you to analyze "boss"!

5.Albert Lewis

Movie: What Dreams May Come

This Negro's Real Name: Cuba Gooding Jr.

Acts of Magic and Good Will:  When Chris Neilsen, played by Robin Williams, is transported to heaven, Albert Lewis, as his new navigator, helps Chris adapt to the afterlife by teaching him about his new existence and traveling through various dream realms.

4.William Bludworth

Movie(s): Final Destination, Final Destination 2, Final Destination 5

This Negro's Real Name: Tony Todd

Acts of Magic or Good Will: Bludworth shows up in various capacities informing the movie's hapless victims of the rules and actions of the entity known as Death!

3.Beggar Vance

Movie: The Legend of Beggar Vance

This Negro's Real Name: Will Smith

Acts of Magic or Good Will:  When Rannulph Junah, played by Matt Damon, returns from a World War I, he is a battered man who now lives in seclusion and abandons the game he once loved and thrived in: golf. Beggar, in the form of a magical caddie, not only aids Rannulph in battling his personal demons, but also assist him in, once again, becoming an exceptional golfer!

2. Oda Mae Brown

Movie: Ghost

This Negro's Real Name: Whoopi Goldberg

Acts of Magic or Good Will:  Initially  believed to be a con-artist posing as a psychic, it is revealed that Oda Mae really does possess the ability to speak with the dead when Sam Wheat, played by Patrick Swayze, is able to communicate with her after he is murdered by a mugger. Oda Mae winds up being the conduit between Wheat and Molly Jensen, played by Demi Moore. She proves to successfully aid Jensen in avoiding perilous situations and eventually reuniting, albeit temporarily, her with Wheat before he leaves for heaven permanently.

1.John Coffey

Movie: The Green Mile

This Negro's Real Name: Micheal Clarke Duncan

Acts of Magic or Good Will: In the film, Coffey is wrongly accused of rape and murder. Throughput the film, it is revealed that he possess special powers which includes, but not limited to, healing, clairvoyant abilities, and resurrection. When he enables Paul Edgecomb, played by Tom Hanks, to see who really committed the crimes, Coffey has the opportunity to be freed from execution. But due to his sensitive nature, he decides that death will be his release from this current state because he is "rightly tired of pain". Duncan's portrayal of Coffey is one that is timid, docile, and subservient. Such characteristics are in total contrast to his hulking appearance!

Well, I'm off folks to practice some magic myself!

CogNegro Out -CgN