Tuesday, August 3, 2010


My letters, my letters that form my words 
My words that create my sentences.
Those sentences that fortify my paragraphs.
Those paragraphs plastered on pages. 
These pages that show my life is written. 
They never let me down, lord knows they never let me down!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

(Last Poem....For Now)

July is crunch time  in regards to some goals that I "NEED" to accomplish by the year's end. Therefore, all artistic energy will be focused on the album, book and other endeavors. 2010 is suppose to be the year "I" win, so its time to kicked that into gear. So with that said...........

(10:15 Pm)

Cleaning out my box of nostalgia,
I stumbled on old road signs from memory lane.
It was populated with various faces and
Kind eyes that were now gone in a blink!
Photographs turned into Negatives
Handwriting that is now an illegible script
For acts I wish had encores
Burnt Bridges Whose Remains Are Forever
Lost in The Tides of Time...
And The Only Food For Thought
I am  Left With ? 
Spoiled pride and awkward "Hello(s)"
I will never utter...
Because they would stand out
Like Technicolor Bows at Black Tie Affiars.

Later That Night....

Looking at a clock with no hands,
Do I even deserve one?
Why didn't it shake  me to see  that my tendency
To "cut off" would leave me with lacerations?
Time reels all wounds...
These passengers.......These Passengers
Have hitchhiked to other sides without...without
Leaving any trails....Man Can Not Live
On Bread Crumbs Alone.

I'm the only one on this road.
I boasted about wanting it to be this way...
Sometimes You Shouldn't
Get What You Wish For....

Monday, June 21, 2010


 I think it is time to write "The Book".........

UPDATE: I Have Chosen the 30 Poems I Want For The Book 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That Normally We Would or Would Not Care About But Today, Will Pay Tribute To! (Entry # 98)

Subject: Gary Coleman 


Infamous For: Being Ten Times Cooler than that Other diminutive guy who starred in his own eponymous titled show, which featured more good natured Caucasians that found it necessary to a adopt a African American orphan and show him the finer things in life.Catchy theme song though! 


Currently: Filling My Head With Fond Childhood Memories (RIP)


Why Do We Do These Things (#2)

Sender: " I throughly enjoyed the playful,amorous tone of your profile"

Recipient: "I didn't think my profile was sexual (amorous), but glad you enjoyed it (smiles)

Moral: Never Listen To Mike Tyson When it Comes to Complimenting Women.   

Song of The Week (Bi-Weekly)

I swear, Ski-Beatz has to be one of the most criminally underrated producers in hip-hop today! This genius was responsible for not one but two wonderfully composed songs (Feelin It and Dead Presidents II) on arguably, Jay-Z's  best album Reasonable Doubt.Not to mention this mad virtuoso was behind Camp Lo's classic debut album Uptown Saturday Night. I'm still waiting to catch some Luchini from the sky even though I have no idea what I would be getting myself into. Ski's latest offering is our song of the week. Ski samples The Persuaders A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and somehow created a somber island backdrop that is so lush, you can feel the sand between your toes. Add Mos Def's laid back yet poignant delivery coupled with cautionary lyrics, and you have a sure fire underground hit.I could do without the second verse, but hey, Hall had Oats right???

Bonus: Here is what I was inspired to write while listening to this track on repeat for days:

Guess the lies sound sweeter than Truth/
We Hide Evidence While Ignoring  the Proof/
Get Me a Cab Take Me Out of This Place/
Pass Me a Drink ,Feeling Parched in My Race/

Two-Stepping Never Gave us Much Progress
Running in This Maze Everyday in This Project
Struggling just to get Inanimate Objects
Writing on The Wall Like Its' Scripted By The Prophets

But, There's Still  Words Missing,
And Even if they Weren't, Rarely We Ever Listen
Too Short to Reach The Height of Most Heavens
So What's the Fare Driver,  Six Maybe Seven ??
For a Cruise Down These Mean City Blocks/
Door of opportunity,school of hard knocks/
Where is Swagger, Not Skill  That Get You  Some Sort of  Fame/
So Your Birth Doesn't Guarantee You'll Ever Get a Name/
Such a Shame, You Can Take a Left Turn/
Wait a Second, Let This Cigarette Burn
Never Mind,Make a Stop at The Light.....
And When it Turns Green, We Commence With The Fight
Against Enemies...Invisible Features...
Seat Belt Fasten,Carrying Heaters
A.C.'s Broken, Got  Wind of Situation...
Postcards Posted, Freedom the Destination


Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm amazed when I glance through my book of life and view the individuals that have chapters dedicated to them. Sometimes I wonder if in their respective books has a chapter been dedicated to me. A paragraph ? Maybe a footnote?? As time passengers, I have to remind myself that some travelers have ventured without me and that perhaps, it's time for me to tip the waiter and leave this dinner called "Nostalgia"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Song of The Week (Bi-Weekly)

A dark, brooding and somber cover to the Kate Bush's 80's romp a room hit, this song's edgy disposition and heavy religious overtones is just what the doctor ordered, if the doctor's name was Doctor Mindbender of course...

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Why Do We Do These Things (#2)

The eighties left us with some great memories. Fortunately, this wasn't one of them. I hope you're ready "When the combustion becomes an explosion"! I know I'll never be.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Song of The Week (Bi-Weekly)

To be perfectly honest, I know nothing about the group known as Crustation but I am so glad that I stumbled upon this gem produced by the criminally underrated J-Dilla (RIP). This track takes me to another realm and is a prominent entry on my "bedtime" soundtrack. Just zone out cat daddies to the purple highlights (Zooooom)

Why Do We Do These Things ? (#1)

To capitalize on the Steven Q. Urkel craze of the early to mid nineties,Ralston Foods decided to immortalize the surprise star of the hit Cosby esq sitcom Family Matters with his own breakfast cereal. Made with ingredients that we can't pronounce, the tagline encouraged us to get Urkelized with Urkel.Os.What being Urkelized entailed, I haven't the foggiest, but the sheep that consumed the artificially flavored strawberry and banana "cereal" seemed too eager to find out.
Of course the advertisement was told in the form of a catchy,and when I say catchy, I mean mind numbingly stuck in the back of your cerebral cortex while  festering like gym socks in the varsity quarterback's gymbag, rap limericks. Because everything sounds better in rap! Hammer would be proud. Yet and still, Urkel's "bars" were only slightly worst than anything Lil Wayne has released. I rather get crammed in the Hurt Locker than eat this sad attempt at crossover marketing.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 3)

Subject: GodZooki

Show: Godzilla

Infamous For: Providing failed comic relief for the otherwise serious natured show about a giant lizard who stalked Tokyo and battled giant lobsters and moths.Because a show about a giant lizard who stalks Tokyo and battles giant lobsters and moths is nothing to laugh at in itself.

Last Seen: Blowing Bubbles. No Wonder That Monkey Always Had a Smile on His Face. (Double entendre strikes again! Muhahahahaahahaha)

New is the New... New

Boo, good, got your attention. Anyway, I'm going to be introducting some regular features on this blog. Although I love showing off my poetery for an auidence of one, maybe two, it's time to branch out.Here's some stuff to look out for:

1.Take Five: A top five list of whatever I feel needs to honored.

2.Random Obscure Animated Characters You May or May Not Care About: Simply for the fact that this section cracks me up.

3.Song of The Week: This will be done Bi-Weekly. There's so many songs I want you guys to check out.

4. Why Do You Do These Things ? : There are some things that need to be questioned in life!!!!

 That's all folks

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 32)


In honor of Black History Month, I have decided to highlight this token character who probably had about 12 lines of dialogue in the entire run of the long forgotten animated series Defenders of the Earth. To the show's credit, it did possess the most kick butt theme song of ALL TIME! Without further or do, I introduce...

Subject: Lothar (Sigh)                                                            

Show: Defenders of the Earth. (Cue Echo)

Infamous For: Fixing stuff.

Last Seen:
Auditioning for the latest Tyler Perry movie entitled: Why Did I Get Married When I Can Do Bad by Myself at a Family Reunion Part 3 and One Third The Reboot!

PS: I dare you not feel inspired to mow your lawn or go to a PTA meeting after listening to this theme song!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I'm Not Writing ...AKA Purposless (Poem)

I am not writing another poem about heartache!

NO, This is merely an exercise to show how emotions

And logic are always on opposing sides

 Like…Fight or Flight, It’s like

Bringing a double edge Sword to a Gun Fight
That has me standing downright

From this height, all I have is a  Deja-Viewwwwwwww

Looking Through This closed window of opportunity

Handed down..So its nothing new to me

What started with face book pokes

Is now Wasted on Ink Key Strokes...

In some weak hope  that we can be cool folk

As my sentiments just aspire to be the butt 

Of  Girlfriend Text Messaged Jokes

“Guess What This Fool  Did?”....

Starts Off Your Sentence, now I’m menaced

By Regrets and no Closure for this ceremonious finish..

To Think, I thought Purpose gave meaning,

But the demeaning of your character

Is Seemingly on the Tip Of My Tongue

Where the only thing I wanted to know

Is where you were coming from,

Not even where we were going............ 

Showing that we weren’t on the same page

I Gave You A Word, 

And You delivered a Scroll 

Of why The Thought of us being Close

Shouldn’t be entertained but Annulled 

......Or at least platonic…......

How many burnt bridges must I Abandon???

I guess that’s The Toll for being honest?? 

So Pardon Me If I’m Venting,

But I feel it’s therapeutic To Mention, that the measure of this man

Goes Beyond these superficial dimensions, 

so Heart Is Heavy that

That back is strained 

Every times it beats at the thought of Being Beat,

And Actually Thinking On My Unicycle I ride through life

That For You!!! I was willing to build a passenger seat….(I’m a Creep)

Radio Heads… For The Garbage Cause its Songs

 Make this healing Process seem that  much longer

That I’m longing to actually come up Short…

Stacked Volumes of My Books of Life

To Reach A Glass Ceiling You Knocked on From the other side

And You Have the audacity to say you understand if I don’t reside??

F@*$,  That!!!

You Can Add another footnote while I edit this chapter

Wondering Why I Authored another “Why Did I Choose Her”

And Realized that weighing options  still make you the  biggest loser

Loose Her, We were never tight, What a fool believes he even sees

Even If he’s been massaged by the darkness of Midnight

Mid-flight I felt turbulence, But I buried my Disturbance

In Our Common Ground…until Self-Respect  Made Me Unearth it….

And in The End I Wonder…Was it really all worth it ????

SO Why Did I Hope That Emotions and Logic 

Could live Behind Picked Fences

Of Sentimental Sentences and Shared Interest? 

Only in Sitcoms, where father knows best

And stay at home mom

Are at odds with offspring to run a laugh track 

 Imagine That, while I Use John’s Lenin

To cover up the fact that this is

 indeed is another poem about heart ache

And I’m too drained to exercise

Logic after explaining my emotions…

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Second Haiku

Broken Down Car, Damn...
Search Engine, No Dell Laptop
Hitchhiking Once More...

Play it Again Clint...

I have ambitions of one day writing my own movie. What that movie will be about, hell if I know. But I have always been amazed with the art of film.Recently though, I have stumbled across many musical gems by watching films that normally I would have bypassed some years ago. Though Garden State was a slightly above average coming of New Age love story, the soundtrack rocked like ages. Simon and Garfunkel were the only familiar names amongst the remaining Indie acts that included such names as Remy Zero, I am determined  for that to be the name of my second born, Zero 7 and Frou Frou.

However, the best find came from the most peculiar of all places: Clint  Eastwood's Changeling. I won't go into too much detail about the movie's plot, Angelina Jolie plays a mother who has lost her son and bad stuff ensues, but I will tell you that the opening and closing scores are somberly magnificent. The melancholy horn sounds like a missing take from a Mile's session as Eastwood, yes this man composes too, creates a pleasant fusion of jazz and classical. Below is the closing score so enjoy and save me some Goobers the next time you go to the movies.

Random and Obscure Animated Characters That You May or May Not Care About (Entry # 16)

Ok, perhaps this off the wall feature is not amongst the most popular entries, but I feel that this blog has a huge case of the  "I'm So Serious Look at Me I'm an Artist" feel to it. So let's have some fun. To start, some of you guys are currently faceless. Open up, let I and the rest of the two people that follow this blog know who you are.
Perhaps maybe we can make six into seven and seven into i don't know, 300? Do it for Sparta!!
A bit too ambitious? Never! So, without further or do, this week's entry:

Subject: Orbity                                                                   

Show: The Jetsons

Infamous For: Being the cutest androgynous creature
this side of the cosmos since Prince.

Last Seen:
Being the cutest androgynous creature
this side of the cosmos since Lady GaGa