Friday, March 4, 2011

Inception -noitpecnI

Incense Lit In Rooms That's all Tint

As They Stay Incensed At the Mention of Blue Prints,
So I Sense, They Were Green With Envy,
And Saw Half Red With Out Vision That's 3-D,
To See Me...Use your Other 5 Senses...
The Sixth is, Brotherly love city of Sixers.
So Consider This a Puzzle in A Maze...,
Whose Dimensions and Intentions are simply to Amaze.
I'm Just Playing, Lets Stop Being Abstract.
Who Want Sum... Yo, You Can't Even Add Yet !
Back to Blue Prints That Rival That of Aztecs,
On The Road To Perdition They Welcome all Hazmats.
Half Facts, Are Usually Full Lies,
A Fool Tries To Lead, Instead He Just Lies
In the Middle, Color Him Grey, In all Shades...,
Rays Banned, When The Sun Is Blocked..It''s Just Shade,
I am, 2 Cool Like the Arctic's Been Doubled,
Curfew, Still Stay In My Room, But No Trouble,
There's ,No Huddle, Up The Field I look Down
But I am Too fly For This Game To Touchdown.
So Come Around If You Squares Wanna Dance..
Pointing Fingers, Rather Than Lending Hands...
Cause "This is it", M.J. In the Rear-view...
My Contacts Just Gave You all a New View.
A New You, Is Just an Old Me..
I Will Never Bend, Old Soul Has Bad Knees
I rather pump oldies, and deflate all this New Sh*t,
And Talk While I'm Cruising like my Ride 's Now The New Kit.


Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rear Viewz (Track 3)

Plan A- Filled With Youthful Aspirations
Pen and Paper hand, minus the applications
New, Fresh, Kinetic  was the movement...
Untapped skill that spilled, show and prove it
City Corners, Talents is showed Battles Had
Pavement remain stainless, no blood shed..
Hear the heartbeat's melody in meddling streets
Gossip is the language spoken in winter's Heat...
In apartments, minds were nourished, stomachs starving
Vinyl in the background with hymns sung by Marvin..
Never were they pardoned,time has abandoned
Those who sat in the front of the stoop were left standing
Branded as watchmen the eyes grow dim
As they carve their initials on the trees on Timbs
Let'em  in, (Yes) Rebels Without a  Cause
Can gain one, even if they're at a lost


Plan B- Next Choice-New Options
Pursuit from the Jakes engaging in fence hopping
Lands in The yards never measured in the footprints
Of those who still swear that you followed in their blueprints
Still Grinding, survival of the fittest,
Older brother's Clothes never really quite fitted
Tailored, custom made with  birth pains
Slates Cleaned before letters ever spelled out names
Drug Game, Rules were made, but Hearts Broken..
Silence seems to be the one whose always outspoken
Cig in the lobe, wise ones out smoking..
Attention once fixed now appears to be broken
Tokens...Pennies, appraised more than Thoughts..
Devils' a Busy Merchant, Souls that's Now Bought
Temporary Fixes,Permanent Fallacies
Light At The end of these tunnel we call alleys