Monday, March 28, 2016

Corner Spotlight: DS Williams- Miles Ahead featuring Jrusalam, Kgreazy & Bubsy Millions (Produced by Kelly Portis)

Off the heels of his Mirrorz Edge collaborative effort, DS Williams has decided to drop an 8 track EP, entitled While You're Waiting,  while he continues to prep his sophomore opus Killer of Sheep. And what better way to start off the proceedings than by linking up with two of the most talented MCs in  the state, Bubsy Millions and Jrusalam respectively, and his partner in rhyme, that has proven to be clutch for almost two decades, Kgreazy. The only advice I can give the competition is to stretch before they participate in this lyrical exercise. Why?  Because these guys are already Miles Ahead of you!


  1. Hurry up, summer, so I can pump this in the ride with the windows down! - OM

  2. Had the pleasure of working with these brothers in the studio ... So live one of my favorite tracks out right now Blazing !! Keep banging DS ready for that EP..Third Nasty