Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Take 5: Reasons I'm a Nerd

5.I look forward to my "Word of the Day" that dictionary.com sends via email

4. Sarcasm is my native tongue:
Sarcasm is a nerd's most trusty weapon in his/or her toy chest! Don't ask me why we keep weapons in our toy chest. OK, fine! We keep  weapons in the toy chest because our collection of action figures are already on the mantle place.

3. I love cats:
Think of any misunderstood, antisocial teen who spent his or her adolescent years reading Hardy Boys' tales and watching Nova. Chances are, they grew up to be a megalomaniac hellbent on conquering or destroying the earth. The one thing these dejected outsiders had in common? They all owned cats! Dr. Claw had Mad Cat, Gargamel  had Azrael , Dr. Evil  had Mr. Biggelsworth, etc!

2.Do you know the original lineup of The Guardians of The Galaxy? Well I do:
Until recently, I was an avid comic collector . I possessed over a 1,0000 bagged and boarded books that were not allowed to be touched by young grubby hands or...old...grubby hands! With that being said, I have amassed a wealth of comic knowledge that would put those Bizinga nerds to shame!

1.At 31  years old, I still believe that wrestling is real: 
 And apparently, I'm not the only one!!

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  1. Brilliant! I can relate in that I also subscribe to Word Of the Day and am a firm believer of handing out a daily dose of sarcasm!