Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Why Do We Do These Things: Jesus Christ, Original Gangsta!

Religious denominations have resorted to some pretty desperate and contrived measures to reach the masses. But this by far has to be the the most audacious means of doing so and that's saying something being that I plan on seeing Kirk Cameron Saves Christmas! I don't know if I should be offended or thrown into hysterics. But one thing is for sure, if Joel Osteen hops on the remix, I am canceling my subscription to Jame Brown's  magazine The Second Coming (more on that in a later post.) But seriously, what are they hoping to accomplish with this? Do they plan on driving through the streets of Camden NJ, blasting Rappin for Jesus out of their Volkswagen Jetta, in hopes  that those "kids in the street", who by the way are some the happiest urban vagabond I've ever seen...by the way, tell shawty with the curls to holla at me after communion , will change their wayward course?  Well, someone tell MC Ensure that it's going to take more than a beta max recording, some geriatric fossils dressed in their best outfits purchased at the Good-Will during Black Friday of 1967, and a mockery of hip hop to convince the inner city youth to be down with G.O.D! I wonder if  that means the apostles were the original N.W.A? Peter was rather gangsta when he cut ol boy's ear off....


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