Monday, November 23, 2015

Corner Spotlight : Kindness- World Restart (Featuring Kelela & Ade)

Can you hear that? Yes, that's the sound of a three day work week on the horizon. And what better way to welcome it than with a palatable fusion of British Pop, Jazz and R&B? No, you don't have to thank me. I'm just doing my fair share in spreading a little *ahem* Kindness(Not the best play on words but hey, I'm saving all my energy for left over macaroni & cheese) Boom!  CgN

Friday, November 20, 2015

Reel Talk: The Stanford Prison Experiment

Synopsis: This film depicts the study of the psychological effects of becoming a prisoner or guard. 

Review: The Stanford Prison Experiment is a gripping and unnerving study on the corruptive nature of power and the disturbing docility exhibited by those who are forced to have it relinquished. A lack of marquee names does not hinder the great performances from the relatively unknown cast in what may possibly be the most thought provoking movie I have seen so far this year! (B+) CgN

Monday, November 16, 2015

Reel Talk: Creed

by DaCognegro

Synopsis: Adonis Johnson never knew his famous father, boxing champion Apollo Creed. However, boxing is in his blood, so he seeks out Rocky Balboa to seek his guidance and direction.

Review: It has always been the authentic connection with the underdog, as he overcame insurmountable odds, that has made some of the more successful  entries in the Rocky franchise enjoyable and crowd pleasing. But, perhaps it was high expectations due to the talent involved , the release of the superior Southpaw earlier this year, or the fact that the contrived dialogue, hasty pacing and characterization, cartoonish cinematography during the fight scenes,  and failure to evoke true ethos,  that makes Creed a pretender as oppose to a real contender to carry the Rocky brand! Hit the showers kid! (C)  CgN

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Art of The Matter: No

Posted by Kimberly McInnis Nicholson on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Good Thursday: Corner Spotlight- Black Star- Brown Skin Lady

The color complex has always been one that has plagued our self perception of beauty. Fortunately, this ode to the women, who are often viewed as less attractive than their lighter counterparts, is touching, humorous and poignant!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Good Tuesday: Art of The Matter- Renaissance

(Verse 1)


What is now depicted
Crisis of  identity souls ,that are afflicted/
Champion of failure, harbinger Of  pain
Buckets that's cast down but still missing the rain (reign)


Pages have gone missing
Spine on the books are crooked,  but in addition
To the images created and cleverly projected
Blind To The  fact it's leaving us all affected

The mind crafts limits, that's leaving the brave timid
It's hard to change a premise,when a smile is just a grimace.

These tattoos , are  really just fine art.
Engraved on the walls during stays on the lost ark.
The world is a ghetto, But we're the true inhabitants
Hostile in nature due to nurture of all our statues.

I Seek truth, among the artificial
Scripted in the morrow and  written within initials!


Momma Loved Me !

But that's not enough!
Can't Prepare for a world that i distrust
But I carry on, treading the non-sense
Keen on my five but relied on a Sixth Sense

Third Eye Sharp!
I Define Parts!

Forget The Script That's Given, I got a head start
Matter Fact, You Can Call This Renaissance.
Revolution Broadcast ...Opposition Bring it On!

(Verse 2)


Beauty by Design/
The Lineage Remains beyond this current time
Inspiration to all and Starter of every trend
hustel thats Stays constant stacking of many ends

Body often is mimicked but never is replicated
Through sessions of surgery that always is predicated
On Credit that's never given, but envy is on the surface
The Struggle is rather gorgeous, thus finding your inner purpose/


Lost patents to the greatest of inventions
Originators forgotten, names are never mentioned
Exercising science, newly formed reliance
Bravery displayed, exhibiting all Defiance

Gifted beyond measure..Deeper than an sediemnt
Cleverly Evolved, Truest of all Snetiments
Firm and Always Steady and Navigating Through Turbelenace
Impressions that is left, is really  just quite permenant


Momma Loved Me !

But that's not enough!
Can't Prepare for a world that i distrust
But I carry on, treading the non-sense
Keen on my five but relied on a Sixth Sense

Third Eye Sharp!
I Define Parts!

Forget The Script That's Given, I got a head start
Matter Fact, You Can Call This Renaissance.
Revolution Broadcast ...Opposition Bring it On!

Renissance will be featured on DS Williams' upcoming EP entitled While You're Waiting

Monday, November 2, 2015

Good Monday : Classic Corner- The Successful Life of Bees

by DaCognegro

The phrase, "has paid a debt to society", can be quite misleading . This particular cliche is suppose to be the goal of those who serve out punishments given to them after they have committed some form of criminality. Now far be it from me to be judge, jury, and executioner, but I personally believe that some forms of illegal activity should indeed be forgiving and that individuals should be given the opportunity to rectify his or her past grievances. We all make mistakes and some of us have had to contend with circumstances that have made such pitfalls quite easy to fall into. I am in no way rationalizing or exonerating such criminal activity. Rather, I am offering explanations as to why some succumb to a life a crime. In my line of work, I have encountered dozens of individuals who have sought to change their situation and exercise their new found lease on life by furthering their education. Unfortunately, the obstacles that one faces when trying to take that first step on that road to redemption can be quite insurmountable. For example, the US Department of Education does not grant financial assistance to those who have certain felonies on their record. Furthermore, there are certain  professions that make it quite unfathomable to breakthrough if one's record contains any crime of any sort!  Not to mention, the hesitation that many employers display when it comes to hiring those who have been incarcerated! So what usually happens when an individual collides into these brick walls? Well, a feeling of desperation and hopelessness: the same hopelessness that may result in falling prey to  the scourge of recidivism: the habitual relapse into a life of crime.

Therefore, it goes without saying then that I was extremely elated when I came across a write up that detailed the blossoming enterprise known as Sweet Beginnings. Sweet Beginnings is a  business,  based on the West Side of Chicago and founded by Brenda Palms-Barber, that trains and hires ex-convicts to be beekeepers.Employees of the program work approximately 30 hours a week, for 90 days, and are trained in tasks that include extracting and bottling honey as well as shipping the products to various stores and outlets.

 So has this novel endeavor brought about sweet success? Well the proof is in the honey, alright, I'll stop with the trite puns, its just that the results have got me buzzing! Since 2004, Sweet Beginning has employed over 400 ex-convicts and now runs over 131 hives.In addition, those who complete the program have only suffered a 4% rate of  recidivism compared to the state's average of 55%. Palms Barber hopes to branch out her business to other urban landscapes including but not limited to the D.C area as well as Detroit. This endeavor can perfectly be summed up by the positive proclamation delivered from current employee Patricia  Jackson: "My whole outlook on life has changed.Everyday I am glad to come to work". By the way, Patricia plans on opening up her own catering opening, which will employ persons of the community, once she completes the program.

Hopefully, others will follow Palms-Barber's lead in assisting ex-convicts with entering back into society. A special shout to the 2econd Helpings food truck, located right here is Durham, NC, for only employing former convicts. If we continue with such endeavors, not only do we aid those who are attempting to start over, but we begin to break the cycle of generational imprisonment, thus curbing the glorification of criminality .  What can be sweeter than that? - CgN