Saturday, November 1, 2014


Somewhere, I exist!

Afloat on vestiges of bottled, shipwrecked expectations

Amongst dull stars who have befriended blinding space

Tangled in choking vines expanding with each suffocating breath

Between the cracks of broken dawns accompanied with red eye stares

Cloaked in a shredded cape capable of crawling flight

Lost in letters that crash to form mistaken terms

Falling from an altitude whose height rivals that of my shortcomings

And landing on a graffiti wonder wall separating the desert and my Oasis

Where following  the leader has me at the back of the line in size order

All to catch a glimpse of something that rivals the

Folklore found in fortune cookies of successfully pinning the tale on the fairy.

Indented endings: pushing the finale back to the beginning of this cycle,

And I'm stuck in the middle of being an a**hole  and a gentlemen,

Tug of war with that  tight rope with the winner lassoing  tumbleweeds

If pulled successfully, they will bring you to the root of why confusion is normalcy

And accidents are destiny's way  of telling us not to over think...

Don't over think!

One day...






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