Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Corner Spotlight: Mirrorz Edge- These Eyes

Artistry has always been the outlet of the oppressed and mistreated. Channeling such angst, however,  has  often times resulted in  the creation of impactful and thought provoking work. Realizing that art can indeed equate to activism, the duo, known as Mirrorz Edge, have decided to exercise their ability to create and inform,. This has resulted in a powerful summation of the tumultuous times we are currently experiencing! I present to you, These Eyes!


  1. A Powerful picture and a powerful collaboration . Well done !

  2. Dope track...when I heard the sample str8 up thought of Donkey in Shrek

  3. The content is topical and relevant with a critical eye; I've come to expect nothing less. Aesthetically, I prefer the delivery of the second set of verses to the first and really liked the alternating bars between emcees at the end. Favorite DS line: "syndicated for deception, mischievous fox" - well played, sir. - OM