Thursday, January 19, 2017

Corner Spotlight :Axis of Time- Eastwick

By Da CogNegro

To try and fit Axis of  Time into a singular, musical  category can be a daunting task for the simple fact  that a great amount of their material will transport you into a musical playground, filled with a variety of sonic amusements, that may seem familiar at first, but are actually gateways to new and worthwhile listening experiences.  The New Jersey trio, consisting of siblings Mo Beats, D. Strange and Natural, credit their sound to their eclectic influences. What is even more impressive is that the group is quite self-contained  as  each member plays a pivotal role in the  writing, arranging, and producing of all  their material. Their newest single, Chill With You, is already gaining heavy momentum, which can be found on their official sound cloud page right HERE, Eastwick, however, serves as the perfect starting point in getting acclimated with the Axis of Time.experience- CgN

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