Thursday, January 12, 2017

Art of the Matter: Adrienne "Butterfly" Charleston - I Don't Have The Time

by Da CogNegro

Equipped with a towering, crown of  hair, a disarming smile, and a voice that resonates with comforting familiarity, Adrienne Charleston truly embraces what she has coined  "The Butterfly Flow". And like that winged creature, her essence is one that is often marveled and sought after.I met Ms. Charleston in what can only be described as a strange twist of fate. The resulting encounter would wind up serving as the catalyst of my return to the stage. It was not only her luminous presentation that stirred up latent ideas and aspirations  but also her ability to tame the mic and spin tales of unabashed joy, as well wrenching heartache, that would make the most stoic individual emote without reservation. The beauty in her work rest in the relatability of her words. She does not put up literary and abstract barriers that make it challenging to embrace her ideas and in doing so, allows the listener to undergo a metamorphosis that transforms them from spectator into a willing participant. I have been very fortunate to share the stage with the Butterfly and look forward to being present at her next landing destination!- CgN


Photo credited to Michelle Hayes
Adrienne Charleston decided that at the age of 25, she wanted to help people reach their full potential! At that time, she found herself , seven years into the military, as a Legal Specialist with some years left on her obligation. So, she made a plan. This plan took years to come to fruition, but she never gave up and kept moving forward despite the speed bumps life placed in her way. Adrienne completed that active duty obligation and then some! She then joined the Army Reserve as a Mental Health Specialist. While in the reserves, she was working toward military retirement and on her degrees. Adrienne went back to her home town and attended Fayetteville State University where she graduated, with honors, with a BS in Psychology and a minor in Criminal Justice.Adrienne then attended North Carolina Central University where she received her masters in Psychology. Prior to her completion of her masters program, she had retired from the military. Adrienne then tested and became a Licensed Psychological Associate and began practicing in the state of North Carolina. She is now a published author with the release of her first book, a collection of poetry, entitled Butterfly Flow. She also provides life coaching  as well as psychology services in Raleigh and still finds time to manage performing artist that include the talented KG The Artisan. You can contact Ms. Charleston, as well as purchase her collection of poetry, at her website:

I Don't Have The Time

I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between "therapizing" others
Writing poems
Promoting my artists
Performing at shows
Doing events
And even speaking engagements
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between taking care of me
Going out dancing
Learning myself
Loving myself
And living my life
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
Between the men who want to change me
The men who want to use me
The men that just want my body
The men that want to control me
And the men that just don’t want me
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
No matter how much I am open
No matter how many guys I give a chance
No matter how many dates I have been on
No matter how many ways I try to meet a different type
And no matter how approachable I try to be
I have come to the conclusion
That I don’t have time for Love
This conclusion that I have come to
May or may not be true
I think this is a better option than the truth
That Love doesn’t have time for me

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