Friday, February 19, 2016

This is Kind of Cool : The "Z" of the Game

by DaCogNegro

Ah, childhood! The time of life when people didn't judge you for having an action figure collection, most of the opposite sex weren't succubus that hid behind false intentions (I still love you ladies!!!), and Sesame Street was mandatory, daytime viewing.That is why my heart grew heavy when I discovered that the show was being taken off of public access TV and moving to HBO. In fact, I even poured a little liquor out for the Muppets that were heading over to the other side: paid television.You may be thinking that spilling a little alcohol to honor one of Jim Henson's most iconic vehicles is a bit inappropriate. However, after you view the clip below, you may come to realize that such a course of action may not be as sacrilegious as originally believed:

You can either credit Richard's genius, insanity or a third option, which I will fail to mention because this is a kid friendly entry...let's just say it rhymes with Drugs, for being able
 to turn a simple alphabet recital into, what can only be described as, sage advice from a retired pimp or a typical plot of  your favorite seventies blaxploitation flick. In fact, according to Richard, the first four letters of the alphabet seem to be  quite irrelevant. But don't worry, "E  has got it all covered!" Yea, OK! Skip a couple of months of rent and see if "E" will come bail you out of that jam! It goes without saying  that this YouTube clip stays in my constant rotation and the skit itself fits accordingly with a show that features an owl that plays a saxophone and a vampire that moonlights as an obsessive, compulsive pimp. Let's just all be thankful that Richard remembered where he was when he got to the letter "N"! - CgN  

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