Friday, February 12, 2016

This is Kind of Cool: Star Spangled Funk

by DaCogNegro

Back in 2012, I originally intended for this post to be a Why Do We Do These Things entry. But this is James Brown we're talking about and I didn't have the heart to continue with those intentions.
Remember, this is the man that could make a ten minute song off of one phrase and no one would bat an eye because they were either moving and grooving, doing cocaine or moving and grooving while doing cocaine!
"I'm concerned cause there's nothing wrong!"
So when it came time for James to sing the National Anthem at the 1975 heavyweight championship fight between Muhammad Ali and Chuck Wepner, one should have expected that a rather "unique" and memorable rendition of the song would be performed. I mean, we already had Red Foxx on commentary, why not add to the night's' oddities! Not only did James stumble on some of the words from the hallowed tune, he actually improvised a call and response section in his performance as well as added some of the lyrics from the black national anthem ,Lift Every Voice and Sing,  before concluding in grandiose fashion. I bet Francis Scott Key never imagined that his song would make listeners "Get up off of that thang!"- CgN

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