Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Take Five: Obscure, Black Superheroes

by DaCogNegro

(Back in 1965, Dell Comics' own Lobo was the first black hero to headline his own book)

With the pending release of the Netflix original series Luke Cage and the Ryan Coogler helmed  Black Panther, it seems that we are finally getting some much needed diversity in the superhero genre of film and television. And while there are  some characters who have become household names ie  The Falcon, War Machine, etc,the majority of said characters are usually relegated to sidekicks ,comedic fodder or successors. With that said, there are still a slew of heroes that remain in the realm of obscurity but are primed to be either introduced or have more prominent roles in their respective mediums. Last year, I wrote an entry that concentrated on some of the more unknown super heroines, which can be found HERE! In this entry, we will focus on  male superheroes who hold the distinction of being unsung.

5.Name: Rage
First Appearance: Avengers #326 (1990)

Real Name: Elvin Holiday

Special Abilities:While fleeing a racist gang, pre-teen Elvin Holiday was submerged in toxic waste. Instead of killing him, Holiday was bestowed with superhuman strength, resistance to injury and excelled healing. In addition, the chemicals changed his appearance from a frail adolescent into a muscular,hulking adult.

Did You Know:
Prior to his "accident" Rage, at the age of 13, read at a collegiate level? 

4.Name: Gateway
First Appearance: Uncanny X-Men #229 (1988)

Real Name: Gateway

Special Abilities: Being that he is attuned with the forces of earth, Gateway has limitless teleportation abilities. He has even proven to transport individuals through various times and dimensions. In addition, he possess telepathic abilities and a photogenic memory.

Did You Know: Gateway is of aborigine decent and  has been revealed to be the grandfather of the time traveling mutant known as Bishop?

3.Name: Mr. Terrific
First Appearance: Spectre (Vol.3) #54 (1997)

Real Name: Michael Holt

Special Abilities: Michael is a naturally gifted athlete and genius who possess  14 PHD(s) and other assorted degrees. Through his intellect, he has created a mask and costume that grants him a variety of sensory, communication and database retrieval functions as well as immunity to technological detection. His T-Spheres  also act as mini computers, weapons and holographic projectors.

Did You Know: Mr. Terrific once served as the chairman of the Justice Society of America?

2.Name: Blue Marvel
First Appearance: Legend of the Blue Marvel #1 (2009)

Real Name: Adam Brashear

Special Abilities:  The Blue Marvel possess superhuman strength, speed, flight and invulnerability. Adam also possesses antimatter based powers as well as energy manipulation.

Did You Know: The Blue Marvel was "asked"to  retire, by President Kennedy, for fear of the uprising of the Civil Rights movement after it was revealed that he was an African American male?

1.Name: Night Thrasher
First Appearance: Thor #411 (1989)

Real Name: Dwayne Taylor

Special Abilities: In addition to being trained in Japanese martial arts and gymnastics, Dwayne is an expert in weapon and armor design. As a result, he has created a variety of hi-tech suits that are equipped with an assortment of weapons; the ability to integrate with computers, stealth/camouflage technology and enhanced resistance to injury!

Did You Know: That Dwayne became the heir of the Taylor Foundation after his parents were murdered?  Also,  he is the leader of the upstart group known as The New Warriors?- CgN


  1. who knows when/if i'll ever pick up a comic book, but i love knowing these characters exist. - OM

  2. I know mr terrific and that's it smh