Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Reel Talk- Deadpool

by DaCogNegro

Synopsis: Gifted with accelerated healing powers and a twisted sense of humor, mercenary Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) adopts the alter ego of Deadpool and hunts down the men who nearly destroyed his life.

Review: After his abysmal debut in the universally panned Wolverine: Origins, fans of the "Merc With a Mouth" have impatiently clamored for a proper representation of their favorite anit-hero. Leaked test footage of Ryan Reynolds, in full red leather garb, disposing of some generic henchman while spewing one-liners at a rapid pace only increased the frenzy of the comic icon's fan-base. Well, the wait is over and Tim Miller's Deadpool delivers as promised! Not since Robert Downey Jr.'s run as Tony Stark/Iron Man has an actor been a better fit for a comic role. Simpy put, Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool! But it's not just the casting that is spot on, all of the facets that have made Deadpool such a popular commodity in recent years, the manic humor, fourth wall breaks, gratuitous violence, and tongue-in-cheek pop cultural references, are all here in full effect. Deadpool not only works as a faithful comic adaption, but it is successful in its' other endeavor: a believable and charming love story. Unlike  other comic related properties, in which the love story is shoehorned in the plot in order to reach a wider demographic, Deadpool's foray into "the softer side of things" actually feels organic. Add a strong supporting cast, kudos to FOX  for FINALLY getting Colossus right, and a kick *** soundtrack and you may have the most entertaining, Fox produced, Marvel Comic adaption to date! Now, where's my chimichanga with extra guacamole!! (A) -CgN

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