Monday, March 8, 2010

Why Do We Do These Things ? (#1)

To capitalize on the Steven Q. Urkel craze of the early to mid nineties,Ralston Foods decided to immortalize the surprise star of the hit Cosby esq sitcom Family Matters with his own breakfast cereal. Made with ingredients that we can't pronounce, the tagline encouraged us to get Urkelized with Urkel.Os.What being Urkelized entailed, I haven't the foggiest, but the sheep that consumed the artificially flavored strawberry and banana "cereal" seemed too eager to find out.
Of course the advertisement was told in the form of a catchy,and when I say catchy, I mean mind numbingly stuck in the back of your cerebral cortex while  festering like gym socks in the varsity quarterback's gymbag, rap limericks. Because everything sounds better in rap! Hammer would be proud. Yet and still, Urkel's "bars" were only slightly worst than anything Lil Wayne has released. I rather get crammed in the Hurt Locker than eat this sad attempt at crossover marketing.


  1. know how shows or characters from our past can have this nostalgic charm about them? how they're dated, but they remind us of a simpler, happier time so we like them still? this doesn't do that at all. terrible.