Saturday, October 24, 2015

Art of The Matter: H.E.R

"Tennis Anyone"?!

I've stated that question so many times in recent years
That I  no longer need to rehearse those emotions
It's a handicapped optimism that
Hobbles to step in the name of love!
Which recently  has become so unfamiliar.

In  fact, It needs a lapel tag
For me to recognize the stranger it has become
Hello, my name is_______  (Scratch that),
(Ahem) I meant to say, my name is _____
No, "X" that with a sharpie that has become  rather dull
So why don't you just pencil me in
So that I can erase those memories
Because I sure as hell miss my spotless mind...
Now stained With calico blemishes of overweight gray-scales
Resembling the shadowed beats of the heartless.

But what can I do?
I meet square pegs that don't fit in my circle!
And squares may be cool for some people
But that never was my angle,
That "Grow to Love Notion"
Which eventually becomes stunted,
Reaching a height that isn't tall enough
To look over her imperfections while projecting my own!

They say "If you look you will never find"....
Well it is hard when you leave the house with three eyes..
Constantly scanning for a picture that matches the one in my gallery
The face has become faded due to longing prints
Smearing a canvas that has dried for sometime...
So pardon if I undress you with my eyes,
I'm just seeing if your wings match the ones in my portrait,
And your jacket prevented me from doing so...

Coupled with charming humor, knit with sharp wit
That threads the needle between conceit and confidence
Vintage style that's ahead of its' time,
Colors her rhythm with shades of blue stencils
That have me drawn to her quirks
Perfectly placed outside the box....

A box that is next to this landing strip
That I've crashed on for too long,
Insatiably watching lovers fly be.

With twilight providing candle light, 
stars flickering as they are caught in glass jars 
only to release them when they are seen in each others eyes..
While Green are in mine....(Go On)
Don't worry, she's out there, was written in my yearbook,
Well I have years worth of books filled with
plans, gifts, soundtracks and invitations are all marked
With the same message: "Sorry, You Just Missed Her"
Maybe her reservations are just earlier than mine 
Or My watch is set to the wrong time.......