Monday, July 18, 2016

Guest, Who! : Church (by Brother N.I.K.E)

There should never be a monploy on expression. For that very reason,I have created a monthly platform in which you, the reader, can express yourself .This month, Brother N.I.K.E will share his feelings on the recent turmoil that has seized our country as well as pose some thought provoking questions as it relates to the obstacles ,we may face ,when it comes to forming true solidarity. As always, feel free to sound off in the comment section. With out further ado, I now pass the figurative microphone to this month's Guest Who feature: Brother N.I.K.E- CgN


by Brother N.I.K.E

Good Evening, 

I decided to give myself a few hours before I delved into this topic solely due its' sensitive nature. In the past two evenings,  America has shown, once again, what lies beneath the  exterior of the "Land of free and home of the brave": a place where the pure ugliness of hatred, violence and discrimination ring true. As many of you know, two African-American men were gunned down by the police in cold blood. Not only were their deaths broadcasted on television for the  public to consume another helping of injustice occurring without any retribution,  but these murders, once again, perpetuate the ongoing narrative that Negroes are truly nothing more than second class citizens. To even use the word Negroes, in this case, I must use sensitivity. (Don't worry, I am one myself) I use the word carefully because, as these catastrophic events unfold, the outcries and social media postings have reflected what we have been trying to tell people in this country all along: Negroes are not the same!

As I scroll through various postings, I have encountered views of Negroes equivocally comparing these actions to "Black on black crime". (Really dude? lets compare the apples to oranges) These opnions have run the gamut which had included  Negroes explaining how we should act in a complying matter when encountering police (that obviously in Mr. Castile's, case might not end well) to unabashed Negroes promoting the ignorant ideals of  "F*** the Police". (Good luck on that and tell me how that goes in your next encounter). The views of these Negros are shaped by their experiences  and have led them to classify Black America differently and more importantly, what it is to be Black in America. As different as they all are, I’d like to class them into five  categories or,  If I may, five Negroes. ( Hint: Upcoming book plug ).  Each Negro thus  represents a thumbnail sketch on why Black America cannot progressively move forward in unison.

But I digress! 

Being that we are so different, how can we pull together to solve the ongoing plight of injustice? Where do we begin? How can I convince Blacks, from different backgrounds and with different ideals, that we need to find a common ground and that these "incidents" with police is a  another slap in the face to us all? More importantly, just because it is not your brother, or encounter with the police today, what is to prevent it from being your brother ,or  even worse, you tomorrow? How can I explain,  to these different Negroes, that our backgrounds, credentials, and accomplishments don't define us? However ,we are still judged according to our skin tone and not our character!  How do we convince the brother who grew up like Carlton Banks that he is no different than the guy who grew up like O-Dog in  Menace II Society? And more pertinent, how do we convey that very message to these damn police!? Time for us Negroes to meet up and have a round table discussion! Until then, Stay "BLACK?" y'all !

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