Thursday, July 21, 2016

Corner Spotlight: Pete Philly & Perquisite- Mellow (Featuring Senna)

Good morning to all of you out there in blog land! This is Junior Love Dad-E reporting semi-live from "Da Corner". Summer is here and it has set up shop on your front porch.The heat is on high so it feels like two days escorting you to your next destination. And being that the Love Dad-E believes in spreading his namesake, here's a track for all my love birds out there to help you flap your wings and take flight.Melodic vocals, blissful flutes, and whimsy snaps are just some of the pleasing components of Pete Philly  Perquisite's track Mellow. Trust me, the title of the song is quite appropriate. With that said, may all of your days be Sun-days and all your nights be out of sight. Just remember, you are a star no matter where you are! Love Dad-E out! -CgN


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  1. "Mellow" is the perfect title. Nice find. - OM