Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Decoded- Lavish

Welcome to the first edition of Decoded. Inspired by Rap Genius, Decoded will be a feature that breaks down the written work of DS Williams. This month, DS' verse, off the the unreleased Mirrorz Edge song entitled Lavish, will be the subject of dissection. Let's get started!

(Verse 1)
Want to feel the rush without the formula.
Cruise minus risky behavior that brings coroners.
Earn heart, maybe I need to "recup"
But first let me spread my wings with my troop!
A two step in my socks in my living room.
Fresh to death  my attire should be a walking tomb.
Resurrected when the pen hits the parchment.
Hard to be beat when you walk around heartless !
Life's an "Eh"... I still want to impress her!
Chess capers in order for me to check her!
On board, unless I play my cards right.
Runner Runner, still moving in the moonlight!
Another deal shows fate ...just a gamble,
From boarded windows to swinging doors..I handle!
Snake Eyes, not your ordinary Joe.
So place all your bets on a sure fire flow!

And Now It's Time For Breakdown

"Want To Feel The Rush With out the Formula"

This first line begins an extended metaphor on travel and transportation. DS wants to "Feel the rush" or excitement, without the "formula"or artificial means (ie drugs and alcohol).  "Rush" and "Formula" also refer to Formula One racing. Rush  is also a movie that details the rivalry between two Formula One drivers: James Hunt and Niki Lauda!

Cruise Minus Risky Behavior That Brings Coroners

DS is reiterating that he just wants to move at a steady pace (cruise) to avoid reckless actions that may cause a premature end. Cruise is also a reference to  the actor Tom Cruise ,who was a race car driver in the movie Days of Thunder and also starred in the movie Risky Business. (Hence the term Risky Behavior)

Earn Heart, Maybe I Need to Recoup, but First Let Me Spread My Wings With My Troop

This line is filled with double entendres! But first, let's focus on the narrative. DS says that in order from him to continue on is path, he needs to "Earn heart" or become more courageous. In order to do that, he needs rest or take time to "recup", short for recuperate. "Earn heart" is also a play on words on the name of  famous race car driver Dale Earnhardt Jr (continuing the racing theme) ."Recup" can also be read as "recoup" meaning to get another automobile, being that a :Coupe" is a type of car and the prefix "re" means back or again.

But before DS can rest, he wants to travel with his friends (troop), by means of flying, to another location. Troop also refers to the 80s R&B group who were responsible for the song Spread My Wings.

A Two Step in My Socks in My Living Room

(Scene From Risky Business)

Fresh to death  my attire should be a walking tomb/ Resurrected when the pen hits the parchment

No matter how fly his attire may be, DS feels truly alive when he is writing.

Chess Capers in Order for me to Check Her

This line begins the second extended metaphor : games and gambling. Despite life being "Eh", DS still wants to do his best at it. Therefore, he will utilize strategy (Chess  moves) in order to conquer life or  "Check her". "Check her" also serves as a play on words on the game Checkers (of course)

On board, unless I play my cards right ,Runner Runner, still moving in the moonlight

DS will stay on the gambling boards (or continue to take risk for his art) unless he has a hot hand playing cards (most likely black jack  or poker) Runner Runner is a poker term that describes a player catching two running cards in order to make their hand. DS may also  be referring to traveling once more (running),thus returning back to the initial narrative and metaphor. And of course, Runner Runner is a film that stars Justin Timberlake . This film deals with the lies and scams in the world of on-line poker.

Snake Eyes, Not Your Ordinary Joe

In the game of craps, snake eyes is the outcome of rolling dice and getting only one pip on each die. Snake Eyes also refers to the mute ninja who is  a focal character  in the animated show G.I. Joe (Not your ordinary Joe)  

So place all bets on a sure fire flow
Ending the gambling metaphor, DS encourages the listener to "place bets" or have faith in his ability to be able to win or be successful in the rap/poetry game.

So what's your thoughts folks? Sound off in the comment section- CgN

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