Monday, September 28, 2015

Corner Spotlight: CC Sunchild - Being With You

by Teresa Leggard 

CC Sunchild’s Being with You is as light and sweet as carnival cotton candy. The Atlanta-based artist uses a simple melody and charming instrumentation (tuba, for cuteness sake!), and her playful yet masterful vocals are a delight. Of course, she’s singing about love – or at least a very strong “like.” This is a song to skip,dance or even smooch to! (Yes, I said “smooch” – the song made me do it.)

With the word “sun” in her very name, it’s no surprise that CC delivers such a bright, happy alternative to the hyper-sexed, self-serving landscape of contemporary R&B. Play your cards right, and you could ride this tune right into cuffing season.

She’s an indie artist, so show support for good music and purchase the song on Bandcamp or Amazon.

BandCamp: Here  (Free Listen)

Amazon: Here

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