Sunday, September 13, 2015

Art of The Matter: Metropolis

by DS

I lost count.
Crowds are the loneliest places,
So I keep company with solitude
While masquerading in m
y cape
Red sheet AKA, security blanket.
Last of a dead breed amongst suckers 
that are born every minute... (Sixty an hour)
Getting lifted at 12 (High Noon)
Green is my weakness
So Envy I thwart off.
Three sides to every story:
Truth,Justice,And the American way.
A way that always detours my train of thought
That locomotive is on the other side of the tracks
So I’m cold as Steel
Stoic successor, dubbed Black!
Even though my brothers die by means of a speeding bullet.
How I wish they were faster...

6-2-06 10:23 PM

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