Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Why Do We Do These Things: Any Thots?

by Shannon Burgess

T. H. O. T spells THOT!

No, I’m not a contestant in a spelling bee and no, it’s not a typo, but you likely already knew that. Seems everybody knows things like that, but I’m usually late on the latest lingo. If a term isn’t in Webster’s, there’s a huge chance I don’t know what it means so I asked, “What's a Thot?”
The response: 

“That hoe over there.” 

After a moment of reflection, I was still confused. What hoe and where? After a great deal of head scratching and a slew of examples, I got it! But, wait!  I didn’t  get it?!  So, I decided to look it up:

Thot:  Acronym That Hoe Over There. A Thot is a hoe. Plural: Thotties. 

Marquan: "Yo, that's my main girl." 
Deshaun: "She yo main girl, but she my main thot!"

After a brief giggle (Did they really invent a plural?) I concluded that Dictionary.com was no help so I did a little more research. I happened upon a few more examples. I even found another definition:

Thot: Thirsty Hoe Over There. 

Grammatically, this second definition made more sense (I actually knew what thirsty meant) and thus I finally got it…or did I?

I didn’t get it and I still don’t. Do we need another term to humiliate and degrade women? Are not bitch, hoe, slut, tramp and skank enough? I’m certain there are a lot of other terms, but again, if they aren’t in Webster’s…

I’m not certain, but I also get the sense that THOT is reserved for black women, which really makes my ovaries hurt. Black women, the backbone of brothers  - black women,  the first to drop a charge against the abusive brother and the last to drop a dime against the accused brother  – black women - 50% of the consumers buying the albums of the very “artists” getting rich off of degrading them and 90% of the population giving up their bodies to carry black male seeds that grow up to disrespect them - black women,

Yes, black women. We’re all black women. If a woman desires sex, she is not a thirsty skank. She is a black woman desiring sex. If a black woman sleeps with a lot of men. She is not a hoe, but a black woman that is promiscuous.  If a black woman is pissed off, she is she is not bitch. She is a black woman that happens to be angry, much like I am now. It is a shame that a few ignorant, (clears throat) brothas invent these terms. But, the real tragedy is that we adopt them. We make them a part of our collective conscience and spew them without conscience. They become not only a part of the story that some rapper was trying to tell, but a part the history that “they” are trying to sell.

That hoe over there is somebody’s daughter. That hoe over there will one day carry somebody’s son. That hoe over there is the recipient of somebody’s abuse, neglect and ignorance. That hoe over there is is likely not even a “hoe” at all. She is a student. She is an artist. She is a writer. She is a volunteer. She is a proud woman, too dignified to give the ignorance of a few ignorant (clears throat again) men, another thought.

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  1. Great article but it's sad to say this THOTs do exist and in vast abundance. I can understand what this particular female is saying but THOTs also comes with excessive baggage like kids, baby daddies, & ignorance. Also it doesn't just partain black females that's all females of various race that matches the description of a THOTs. From the lewd LOUD conversations to snapping their tongues at the beginning of a conversation 😣😣 what is referenced above it the everyday struggle of what young black women go through not a definition of a THOT.