Thursday, February 19, 2015

Take Five: Nonsensical Rap Lyrics

Some years ago, I wrote two critiques on the state of hip hop entitled I Love Her, I Love Her Not. Much has changed  since then ,except the fact that the Knicks are still horrible!With those changes, nevertheless, the unthinkable has occurred: rap music has gotten worse! Maybe I am just getting old, but when I need to order a series of Rosetta Stone self help tapes to understand what is being said, then I know that this music is no longer  made for me. Sure there are some diamonds in the metaphorical "rough": Elzhi, Blu, Childish Gambino etc, but if I can count ,on one hand, the number of hip hop albums I have purchased in the last ten years, then we indeed have a problem! So you can keep your Young Thugs and Future(s)! I'll simply record my self speaking through a fan and post it on Soundcloud next to some guy who looks like he pushes pallets at Home Depot chanting "Baking Soda...Baking Soda!"

5.) Weezy F Baby and the "F" is for Phenomenal
-Lil Wayne: (Yes)

CogNegro: Well  at least we know the F isn't for "Fonics"!

4.)Rockstar, flier than an ostrich. And I cover east, west, north, south like a compass!
-Juelz Santana: (Black Republicans)

CogNegro: I never took Juelz to be the type that would carry a compass, especially with the advent of GPS technology. Ah well, perhaps he's just on a good old Safari in search of the ever elusive FLYING OSTRICH!!

3.)We from Two Different Cities, Minnesota and Philly.
-Freeway: (Best at it)

CogNegro: Though his name may be "Freeway", he obviously has not traveled on  too many. For if that was the case, he would be able to know that Minnesota is a STATE!

2.)Moving in a Grand Prix, same color as thunder.
- OJ Da Juiceman.: (I'm Getting Money)

CogNegro: I hated when I would reach in the communal box of Crayons in kindergarten and the thunder colored one was taken! Oh,  that's right, OJ Da Juiceman eat it!

1.)I can never blow all my dough. When I get at least ten  people robbed at all my shows!
-Paul Cain (Money Power Respect)

CogNegro: Now I can't imagine Paul Cain having more than ten fans (currently or in the past) but if they did spend their hard money to come support him, why would he have them robbed? Don't you want your fans to come back? Wouldn't you think the word of mouth alone would be a career killer?


  1. LOL! I appreciate this brief distraction from a workday that's been way too long. Thanks!

  2. black republicans are a joke to me.