Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Classic Corner : The 100th Entry!

By Da CogNegro

"So here we are! Just me and youuuuu, (OooooYea)." Oops, I just opened my latest  entry with lyrics from Jodeci's Stay. But it's appropriate because that's been my whole intention with this blog. I just wanted you guys to stay a little awhile and see what makes me..."ME". I have some ego huh!? The nerve of "I" to believe that people would take time out of their busy day and buy a proverbial ticket to the mind of a young kid from Arlington Gardens, Jersey City who was afraid of the California Raisins, well I'm still a little leery of those bastards, collected comic books, and some how manged to make it through high school ,with red spray painted hair nonetheless, without a scratch on him. Yea this kid needs his name in lights  right now! But before we change the marquee at the Apollo, "Sup Cat" has something he's been itching to say:

Interestingly enough, "The Corner" did not originate on this blog spot, Nope! For those who thought that was the case, I would like to steal a quote from my Ex when she didn't want to hear me talk anymore: "Na Na Na Na Na." "The Corner" actually began as me writing movie reviews and mini critiques via the book we call  !FACE! The original name of those entries were called "Sherman's Rants". Geez ,how original, kiddo! I simply did it because everyone else was using the "Note" feature and I didn't want to be the only kid wearing LA Gear light up sneakers while the cool kids were sporting  Jordans!

So I noticed that I was getting a considerable amount of feedback from my Norbit review. So much so, I started tackling other subjects that ranged from the controversial:Preciously Bamboozled, which was my sociopolitical critique at Hollywood's tactics of profiting off  of black suffrage,to the inane: debating why bears may play spots one day. Whatever the subject, my intention was always to provoke conversation as well as share a bit of me from the confines of my own husk.

I had a ton of ideas, however, my motivation got strained as I started focusing my creativity in other areas, mainly poetry. Someone had suggested that I create a blog to display my work. I was  initially against it for the mere idea  of  daily  postings  potentially diluting my authenticity and creative process. However, I told myself to stop being so pretentious. What resulted was a hodgepodge of personal work, arbitrary lists, and the unveiling  of D.S Williams' first album :Strength in Letters! 

Take That Self Humiliating Whammy!

The most recent incarnation of the blog came about after I returned from my cruise this past fall. I had not written an entry since the release of the album. In fact, I hadn't performed or recorded any work in years. I grew disenchanted and  would  only occasionally plug into the public sphere through Facebook status updates and random notes. However, a young man I met during my vacation  basically told me that if I have a gift and I choose not to use it, I was slapping God in he face!

 Now  for those who know the CogNegro,  you all are quite aware that I'm not the most religious chap. However, this made  a great deal of sense to me. I always thought of it as being egotistical to think that I made an impact.But truth is...I do! And there's nothing wrong with believing that! In fact, we all do to an extent! That's why this space is just as much yours as it is mine The most important lesson that I  have gained in my travels is that there are literally thousands of people waiting to see what you've painted, listen to the music you have created, read the articles you have written, debate the opinions you have posted, and be inspired by the person you are, flaws and all! Use your gift and use it proudly! If you don't, you may waste it haphazardly and nothing leaves a more permanent stain than wasted ability, well fruit punch is a close second! With that said, let's end this entry with a "Thank You" for all that have supported me on my adventure and a "What the hell are you waiting for?" for those who haven't signed up yet! Now, Hi-Fives for everyone! 


  1. Great read CogNegro keep up the good work...if you haven't seen Dear White People, I would like to hear your thoughts on paper...

  2. What a hodgepodge of silliness and meaning. Keep it coming, sir. Happy 100! -- OM