Friday, February 13, 2015

Retro Corner: Eddie Murphy Just Styled on Me (February 12th 2007)

 In celebration of my 100th entry, I decided to revisit  ,what can be considered, the first, unofficial CogNegro's Corner blog post. Enjoy this newly remastered and re-digitized post for the first time in stunning HD! That basically means I'm adding a picture of the Norbit poster and a caption!

*l*i* never went out with me again after I took her to see this garbage and I don't blame her one bit!

"Ok, I usually don’t utilize the note feature on this thing called FaceBook, nevertheless ,the recent atrocity that I viewed called Norbit has left me no other choice. I mean, it’s partially my fault! The commercial alone was rejected by TIVO. First and foremost, I will go through a checklist of various notions, items, and actions that make up a smorgasbord of stereotypical, or as my boy Derrick calls it ,“Coon Cakes”,that make up this exhibition in Minstrel Show-ism. Yea, I made up my own word! So what! Dyson does it all time!

1.Gold Teeth (Check)
2. Pimps
3. Jerri Curls (Yup)
4. Cuba Gooding Jr. (This alone suffices my claim)

alone suffices my claim)
5. Overbearing lazy, Obese, Dark Skinned black woman who is always loud….
6. Thin , innocent mulatto heroine who always is loving and understanding
7. The emasculated, nerdy, no back bone black male who is sexually incompetent
8. The thug caricature, just got out of jail, socially dejected, dim-witted bullies (Black Bucks)
9. Ribs and Greasy Chicken….
10. Black Men Who Don’t Take Care of Their Kids
11. A Mob chasing black men out of town (Only thing that was missing were the Nooses.)
12. Weaves (Ugly Colorful Weaves)
13. Cuba Gooding Jr. (I just had to stress that once more)
14. Washed Up Comic View Comedians
15. Eddie Griffen being allowed to talk
16.Clifton Powell looking for another check....

Any movie that makes “Soul Plane” look like “The Color Purple” should be avoided like the plague. The only thing that was missing was  the “Black Face! I’m pretty sure that will be included in the deleted scenes though. In conclusion, Eddie Murphy should lose his Oscar nomination for co-signing this garbage. And if he does win, he should go to the nearest pawn shop,forfeit his coveted trophy, and send us all checks for the money we stupidly spent in hopes that we might see the genius of Coming to America. Alas, he will probably just tell us he’s making Pluto Nash 2 or More Snakes on a Plane (They Didn't Die Ya'll)


Eddie Murphy Owes Me Money…

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