Thursday, March 4, 2010

New is the New... New

Boo, good, got your attention. Anyway, I'm going to be introducting some regular features on this blog. Although I love showing off my poetery for an auidence of one, maybe two, it's time to branch out.Here's some stuff to look out for:

1.Take Five: A top five list of whatever I feel needs to honored.

2.Random Obscure Animated Characters You May or May Not Care About: Simply for the fact that this section cracks me up.

3.Song of The Week: This will be done Bi-Weekly. There's so many songs I want you guys to check out.

4. Why Do You Do These Things ? : There are some things that need to be questioned in life!!!!

 That's all folks


  1. 1 - lists are good.

    2 - can we suggest characters for you to investigate?

    3 - wouldn't that be "song of the bi-week" then?

    4 - this one has all the potential of a inquiry of the sexes forum ("ya'll women be CRAZY!")

  2. 1.yes they are

    2.yes, ma'am

    3.that's why it's funny because its song of the week but i do it bi-weekly.

    4.Nah, I'm not going that route