Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Splitting Headache (Poem)

Autograph Prescriptions,

I never could read their writing

(1/2) of their spiel cuts into my life lines

I’ll place them over the counter

To counter the temptation to count her

She outnumbers the population of a Prozac Nation

Their anthem pierces (4) Lobes at the sound of

Mumbling Morphine to curb Pain Seduced Stability

(8th) of the change acquired

By a 16 Year old running from chasers

Of (32) Milligrams and 64 Proof

That life does not turn on the (1) and (2)s,

(8) Measures is just about Infinity

Short of Heavens Height even

Finger Popping Pills to

Emphasize Drugged Points

Out of House of Ideas won’t lessen the pace

Of the gain of Migraine that stands out

Like a Rose in miles of Amber Grain

A thorn at my Pride makes this fall

That much more grounded

Instead I raised 2 (Fives) and a (six) year old

Ideas in Mars’ Backyard

So their altitude won’t come to a head.

Ached With Throbs of Entrapped Thoughts

Let Them Out….

No! Grudge Matches their Intensity

But I still Pin Lines against The Walls

Of this Parchment


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