Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nostalgia (Poem)


A delicate frame pictures me distorted through

A mirror image that reflects the past is presently waiting for me

Seen through double plated glass that means twice the distance

Why can't this tiny dancer preform on my stage?
For a party of one still lights two candles
Even though her flame went out years ago
Gawkers pulled the curtain that wasn't ready to call
Still sore from their bad reviews
Viewed through irises that have seen too much

So I stand in this crawl space reserved for none

And Occupy isolation's gateway
Accompanied with a repeated act

That 4 stars can't shine light on
You should be with ,instead of in me
Released through pros or silhouettes
That outline a script Ive read yesterday six years from now
Smeared on my stanzas that will always be tainted with your residue

I'll get a clue, when they prescribe it...
Until then, I think I'll cut the grass in a paradise lost... (set a blaze)...

(March 9, 2006) 2:14 am

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