Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Cape and Cowl (Poem)

(Round 1 of An Old Rivalry)


Time to Embarrass a Wayne in a Manor (Manner)

That Befits he wears a mask

Two Faced My Letters

And Realize they were out numbered

With Utility, He Belts another Opus

Waiting for a signal that is as bright

As his concepts (Change The Bulb)

That idea is cracked like Jokers who inhale

Fumes from Smoking Aces

A second hand may be needed to hold fast

From Tripping Over Caped Fear

Still Trying to Fly (Eye C.)

Does Descents in Caves Reveal

You revel in plights of Morlocks?

Unlock with strands of Locks

Of Props for verbally weaponry

I have confiscated your armory

Tips are Rusted, Lance is Broken

In Bouts that are wasted in a one sided Verbal Joust

Perhaps If You trace over my S, you find strength

In my letters to draw to the conclusion

That My Impregnated Thoughts ..Kicks at Sides

While you look on the side for kicks

Whose lifespan is as long as your sidekicks

Sigh...Clips your wings as a new souvenir...

Bale (Bail) Out Now before you Begin...

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