Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bizzaro (Poem)

(I wrote this piece for a Kwanzaa celebration back in 2006. Each performer was giving the task to create a poem that demonstrated one of the seven principles of Kwanzaa. I was given Ujima which means collective work and responsibility.)

Discretion memory at lit incense Sensed
Are we what to pretense A
Visions translucent is were we what for
Spells Dry quench to palms into soul out Pour
Acts Misguided in cast being from Sour
Place a without countenance, face out with eyes
Race a without those
Castaways on rely people jettisoned
Deaf the leading blind the like is
Mute the with speak to

(Wait) !!!!!

Dosage of Collectivity helps us move forward
Toward self responsibility
Ability to add clarity to the absurd
And Make sense of what is backwards

(Now) ...

Sensed incense lit at memory discretion
A pretense to what we are...
For what we were is chronicled in translucent visions
Pour out soul into palms to quench dry spells
Sour from being cast in misguided acts
Eyes with out face, countenance without a place
Those without a race,
Jettisoned people rely on castaways
Is like the blind leading the deaf
To speak with the mute...
A saccharin Unity, only sweat to those
Who taste defeat.A last meal I'll
Avoid if hunger pains remind me
That Our tradition of perdition is divine
Park Bench Abstractions is mere distractions
To Goals at Hand, wrapped around fingers
To Chop off headlines does not mean
That Body of evidence will not prove
Whose Guilty amongst innocent
Rather languid liaisons refuse
To translate the look of love
To Those who look away to Dixie land
Blindsided on straightaways
Graffiti On our Train of Thought
Is no different than specific Hieroglyphics
Remember Snow Whites Black Tops Crush
For Diamonds blanketed in molasses Fair

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