Friday, April 3, 2015

Good Friday-Daddy's Maybe, Momma's Graduate

The plight of the teen mother can be an arduous one! Usually, these individuals are shunned or look down upon by their community, lack the necessary resources to adequately raise their child or children, and have bouts with the reality of motherhood. This is not to say that children born into this scenario don't grow up to be successful. Rather the challenges faced, by all parties involved, can be quite numerous and daunting! That is why I want to celebrate Dr. Vickie McBride. Not only did she witness the very child she had at the age of 13, Maurice McBride, receive his PhD, but she was able to walk that same stage as she received hers as well! This story was so moving because it demonstrates that just  because one finds him or herself in this particular family structure, does not mean  the success of those who make up said household should be written off as unfathomable! No, the human spirit is an enduring force and stories, such as these, should receive more national attention. To learn more about the McBrides, simply click here.  

-CogNegro Out


  1. Very cool indeed! We need to see more stuff like this on the news. The media could care less to share it. Those dicks

  2. This story is absolutely incredible and is proof that as individuals, we can be whatever we want to be if we put our minds to it. Regardless of our environments, past and present situations, etc., our dreams can become realities. It is just up to us to bring them to life. I agree that stories like this one need to be made known more often.

  3. It's never too late to do better...that is true self sacrificing love because it's not easy to raise a child as an adult and it's even worst when your a child raising a shout to the McBride tribe for accomplishing what few can do