Thursday, April 9, 2015

Classic Corner: The Plight of the Six Figure Negro

By Lisa Hunter

As women we tend to be drawn to what we view as security. The larger the income the more secure right? Not so with the six figure negro. You can't find security with someone that is entitled "SNF" demands perfection? In all fairness this is not always the case, but many black men that have "arrived",  display some of the same characteristics. 

Lack of humility: The ability to lower oneself or be taught. Not this brother! No he's the cream of the crop, why else would he have this position in life. In fact, he's privy to inside, universal knowledge that only he & God can understand because he's risen above us average Negros.

Lack of Faith: Speaking of God. These fellas often have their own brand of faith that supports their lifestyle. My life is blessed so there must be someone higher, but I'm too intelligent to follow a set religion. Hey, I'm so bright I'll just make it up as I go. The cult of self.

Image driven: I take "selfies" with my car and only do designer brands. Does that include women too? Well if she's going to be seen with me she better have the best weaves, clothes and nails, or just be white.

Sense of entitlement: Yes I'm entitled to the best and will accept nothing less. So you better be at your best if you want to be with me. But no one is ever good enough for long since we're mere humans and all. But of course it's not his fault.

We're all searching for something, happiness, love, truth. Maslo's Hierarchy of needs states that once our basic needs are fulfilled our focus shifts to love, esteem, and self actualization. Interesting that these men have way beyond the basics, but their inflated sense of self prevents them from truly loving someone, their esteem is based on material goods, and how can you have self actualization without a steady moral compass. So there sits the six figure negro alone with his toys, blaming women for what he lacks in himself.

So security...I'm not saying that there's honor in starvation, but work with the basics. How about a normal man with the "basics," materially, but an elevated heart and soul.

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  1. "Elevated heart and soul" - an interesting idea and an even better turn of phrase. While I think some of these categories are painted with maybe too broad a brush, I don't think money is the sole cause nor that these attributes apply to men only. Also, men with far less have also been guilty of far worse. - OM