Saturday, December 13, 2014

Why Do We Do These Things: It's Thanksgiving...In a Can!!!

It's November again, well technically it's December  but for the sake of this entry it's November again, and you are once again faced with that ever present dilemma: do I stay home and enjoy a nice cooked meal prepared with love by friends and family? Or do I camp out in front of my favorite retail store looking like  a homeless  construction worker while huddled with strangers to save fifty dollars on a television that's  made with inferior parts specifically  created for Black Friday consumption? Well, thanks to these new  Thanksgiving Gumballs, which comes in such appetizing flavors as cranberry and turkey, you no longer have to make that tough decision. Just pop one of these balls of goodness inside the "ol pie hole" and you'll instantly be whisked  away to your local Golden Corral. Who doesn't want their breath smelling like the Boston Market manager's special? The pumpkin pie gumball alone reminds me of left over slices I avoided because I knew the house they came from was a safe haven for roaches anonymous! I'm pretty sure the collector's tin will fetch you just enough money to pay the shipping for your very own Adrian Peterson's child rearing guide!

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  1. Of all the ideas from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to bring to life, they chose the very worst one.