Friday, December 19, 2014

Good Friday: The "Penn" is Mightier Than...

At age eight, most of use were busy watching cartoons while playing with  our favorite action figures or baby dolls. Ms Maya Penn, on the other hand , was crafting headbands for family and friends.  This fascination would eventually lead her into becoming the founder and CEO of her very own company: Maya's Ideas. In her own words, Maya's company specializes in "Eco-friendly, environmentally sustainable, fashionable accessions and clothing." Now at age 14, Maya is still honing her skills, not only as a designer, but animator, environmental activist, coder, and philanthropist! That's right, ten to twenty percent of Maya's profits are given to such causes as The Atlanta Community Food Bank and The Ian Somerhalder Foundation (in which she is also a member). Ms. Penn's incredible accomplishments have been featured in a variety of media outlets that range from CNN to ELUXE magazine. Young lady, we all salute you for your wondrous accomplishments and eagerly anticipate what you have in store for the world! To learn more about this incredible young lady visit the official Maya's Ideas website at this link Maya's Ideas. CogNegro Out!

(Ms. Maya on The Steve Harvey Show)

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