Saturday, July 28, 2012

Strength in Letters (Official Track Listing)

1.Intro (Produced by Chemist)

2.Rearviewz featuring Yuneece Jackson (Produced by Da Cypher)

3.Saints and Sinners (Produced by Lyr1kz)

4.Strength in Letters (Produced by Tcustomz)

5.Mirrorz Edge featuring A.I (Produced by Noble)

6.Voices in My Head (Produced by Radio)

7.Stand Tall (Produced by Lyr1kz)

8.My Next Song (Produced by Real Cool Ethan)

9.Build-A-Mate (Produced by  Qstormich)

10.Unleashed (Produced by Major Cloudz)

11.Bad Company (Produced by Black Light Music)

12.Unusual Suspects featuring K-Greazey and Teresa Leggard (Produced by Real Cool Ethan)

13.Bicycle (Produced by Lyr1kz)

14.Trailing Forward (Produced by Flantastic) RIP Marek Najdzinowicz

Release Date: Order Strength in Letters Today on This Very Page!


  1. You did it! And if I know you, you did it well. Congratulations!