Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Puzzle Place

The Street Sign Says ...“Welcome To The Puzzle Place “
Each Piece is a Portion of a Whole,
Where One Can’t Hold On To Any Passion.
She Crumbles as She Strolls…
Tolls on the Bridge Over Trouble Waters Now  Drawn.
Withdrawn From Memories of Play That Are Now Paused.
Jigsaw Cuts The Heart of Any Matter
As The Color of The Wind Leaves a Permanent Splatter
Of …
Mr. Rights, Who Infringed on All Rights ,
Tracings Before They Left, Seemed Just Right!
Her Frame Should Never be Penciled In..Instead,
Tattooed Views Of Observers That are Genuine.
Heads High,  Where The Clouds Are Merely Mats
And Stars At Arms Length............(Don't look Down)
Just Enjoy These Nights, Because Her Tears Prove
She’s Suffered Too many Good Mourning(s)..

 The Street Sign Says “Welcome To The Puzzle Place”
He Reflects On This Mirror Image of Censored Senses
Caged Expectations On Exhibit  To Onlookers Left Puzzled.
He Searches For The Peace To Complete His Picture,
But A 1,000 Words Is His Frame Of Mind.
1,000 Times He Watches A Rubik Collage
That Shifts Whatever Mismatch
Being Welcomed With Hanging Arms.
Stretching With Imagination,
But Contorts With The Passing Of Supposed
Cohorts and Remorseful “Could’ve Beens”
Who March in Rained Parades.
Ravaged Armored Of a Battle Tested Knight
Who Never Fully  Replenished During His Long Mourning(s)

Perhaps They Are A Good fit!
Breaking Fast as They Scramble To Gather Spare
Pieces Tossed Aside and Pushed To Fit By Callous Hands.
Worn Edges as Sharp Discourse Is Replaced
By Random Intercourse With Those Not Deserving
To Enter Our Course of Kaleidoscope Views and Non-Chewed Scenery.
Sun-dew Trails of the Phoenix Passing's Imagery
Symmetry ( Look at Their Better Halves)
But Have...
Too Many Views That Look Forward To Their Past
At Last, Begins Another Start...On These Plays
On Words Rehearsed for the Part On
Script That Reads Futures of Love .
 Located On The Palms of the Hands of Time.

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