Friday, March 4, 2011

Inception -noitpecnI

Incense Lit In Rooms That's all Tint

As They Stay Incensed At the Mention of Blue Prints,
So I Sense, They Were Green With Envy,
And Saw Half Red With Out Vision That's 3-D,
To See Me...Use your Other 5 Senses...
The Sixth is, Brotherly love city of Sixers.
So Consider This a Puzzle in A Maze...,
Whose Dimensions and Intentions are simply to Amaze.
I'm Just Playing, Lets Stop Being Abstract.
Who Want Sum... Yo, You Can't Even Add Yet !
Back to Blue Prints That Rival That of Aztecs,
On The Road To Perdition They Welcome all Hazmats.
Half Facts, Are Usually Full Lies,
A Fool Tries To Lead, Instead He Just Lies
In the Middle, Color Him Grey, In all Shades...,
Rays Banned, When The Sun Is Blocked..It''s Just Shade,
I am, 2 Cool Like the Arctic's Been Doubled,
Curfew, Still Stay In My Room, But No Trouble,
There's ,No Huddle, Up The Field I look Down
But I am Too fly For This Game To Touchdown.
So Come Around If You Squares Wanna Dance..
Pointing Fingers, Rather Than Lending Hands...
Cause "This is it", M.J. In the Rear-view...
My Contacts Just Gave You all a New View.
A New You, Is Just an Old Me..
I Will Never Bend, Old Soul Has Bad Knees
I rather pump oldies, and deflate all this New Sh*t,
And Talk While I'm Cruising like my Ride 's Now The New Kit.


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