Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Guest, Who! : Law of Attraction vs. Timing (by Jihan "JiJi" Carmichael)

There should never be a monploy on expression. For this very reason, I have created  a monthly platform in which you, the reader, can express yourself . I present, Guest, Who!

When it comes to matters of the heart,the path to happiness and fulfillment can be quite the winding road Often, we may find ourselves looking for the proper navigation due to stumbling into uncharted territory. While others, wind up in a state of bewilderment as they repeatedly succumb to the same pitfalls that hinder their progress. Well fret no longer because I am quite aware that many of you have been... ahem

....in all the wrong places! And  for that very reason, I have acquired the services of  Ms. Jihan "JiJi" Carmichael to assist you with all of your relationship woes. Ms. Carmichael is a dating and relationship Vlogger. She has been featured on OWN Network's Help Desk, with Iyanla Vanzant, BKS1 Radio's Two Guys Know Lies  and  the Southern Soulcast podcast. In other words, she knows her shhhhhhh

Her latest video deals with two contrasting theories as it relates to dating: The Laws of Attraction and Timing! If you are not familiar with these concepts, here's an analogy for you: remember when Forrest Gump told Jenny that he was struggling with the notion that we either (A.) all have a destiny like Lieutenant Dan or  (B.)  life was simply "Like a box of chocolates" because we never knew what we may get? No!? Well JiJi does a much better job of breaking down the intricacies of today's topic. Be sure to sound off in the comments section as well.- CgN


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  1. Very timely video madam! My belief system stems from a combination of the the two schools of thought. One must to take into consideration that if a singular outcome is consistent when it comes to their relationships, they have to realize what the common denominator is in said situations: themselves! At this point, as you mentioned, careful analysis of what they deem attractive and whether or not it coincides with what is realistic and plausible in a relationship has to be determined. Geography also plays a role in finding a partner. Are you chasing individuals within a certain sphere or are you chasing the intangibles such as chemistry and shared interest? I could go on, but I thought I would get the ball rolling in this discussion. Once again, thank you so much for your contribution! CgN

  2. Does this apply to the fellas too! IJS !

  3. I believe that it's a combination of both "systems". However, if I had to choose one, it would be timing. I am a believer in Christ and one thing that I have learned over and over is that while I have control over what I say and do, I have no control over others. So the attraction and manifestation on my part may be great, but if I meet the guy who is not ready (timing) then I'm back at square one.

    Both philosophies are good to live by. My advice to any and all is to never give up. If you carry yourself in accordance to what you want, it will come to you. You also must understand that it may come in a form that you do not recognize.... See it for what it is, evaluate it and make a wise decision.

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