Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Classic Corner: 2016 BET Music Awards Reaction

I had all intentions to post my annual BET Awards reactions yesterday However, I was engaged in knock down, drag out fight with the traffic of Charlotte, NC. And guess what ya'll? Charlotte won! Yup, it tried that and it did that! The Gif below may or may not be an accurate reenactment of said battle:

by Da CogNegro:

Overall, the show strengthened my stance as it relates to  the current state of black music: leery of its' future but grateful for its' past. There was also an air of  sociopolitical awareness that was a bit more apparent than in past years. But you guys didn't come here for a long drawn out introduction, you came here for the top ten list. So here we go:

1.Congratulations Deborah Lee! You finally got Beyonce to make a pit stop at your awards show. And it only took five awards, a poorly written ode, delivered by Cookie Lyons herself, a spotlight for her signed acts, screen time for her momma, her clothing line being worn by the hostess and three human sacrifices in that man made, lake by the ocean which went up to Kendrick's shoulders!

2.Why does Designer look like a peace offering that was given to us by aliens eighteen years ago?

3.Great to see the living legend Stevie Wonder this evening. He seemed to be a moving a bit slow though. Perhaps he should make an appointment to his local podiatrist so he can get a prescription for Steph Curry's new sneaker.

4.I heard Bobby Brown has a new cook book out! How appropriate being that he looks like he finished off Kerri Hilson's Popsicle along with the other five that came in the package!

5.Spike Lee is my man a hundred grand! But I can't help but wonder if  he was auditioning to be the new ringmaster for The Universal Soul Circus!

6.I have been waiting for a movie on Nat Turner for the majority of my adult life. However, with the  release of 12 Years a Slave, the revitalization of ROOTS and the debut of the show Underground, has slave fatigue diluted my excitement?

7.So the government has enough money to clone Gucci Mane, but not enough resources to make French Montana appear literate?


9. Jessie Williams acceptance speech was poetic,poignant and moving. It was a timely critique on our current state of race in America minus the facade of equality and stripped of all the justifications of injustice steeped in vile bigotry that is no longer closeted. Furthermore, in the spirit of our late hero, Muhammad Ali, he called to task all of the influential individuals that filled the Microsoft theater, to action. I can only hope that our usual reactionary spirit, that's a product of trendy activism ,begins to turn into a  more pro active stance.

10.Save the best for last huh?
The Prince tributes were nothing less than phenomenal! Each performer showed the impact his purple majesty has had on ,not just their respective careers, but on the musical landscape as a whole. One last RIP to you beautiful one and all of our heroes,pioneers, and artist that we have lost this year!
1=2  CgN


Bonus: After Bilal's performance, I finally figured out why I made this facial expression in our picture together!

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