Monday, May 9, 2016

Reel Talk: Captain America: Civil War

Synopsis: A new, political initiative ,created to install a system of accountability for all members of the Avengers, threatens to divide the team and shake it to its' very core!

Review: With the threat of "super hero fatigue" upon us, the task for comic book adaptions to up the ante continues to grow more challenging with each new film. Already this year, we have seen one such blockbuster fail at gaining both critic and viewer approval due to poor execution  of narrative ,character development and balancing tonality. Such feats of film making aren't easily achieved due to the grand nature of the spectacle and for this very reason, an abundance of praise is due to the Russo brothers for their second entry in Marvel's cinema universe: Captain America: Civil War. Not only are the Russo brothers able to juggle various moving parts of this film, which  includes effective introductions of new characters, screen time for both major and minor players alike, and a tone that isn't bogged down in trite sentiment, but they also are able to keep the film grounded in reality due to its' dealing with  the consequential actions for each hero's choice as well as the genuine ethos produced for each character. For these very reasons, this movie is indeed  the true successor of the original Avengers film .The only blemish on this other wise exhilarating movie was the choppy editing during some of the action sequences, shaky cam be damned! But all nitpicking aside, this film truly lives up to its' lofty expectations and makes it easier for me to request to "Make mine Marvel! (A)

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