Friday, August 14, 2015

Good Friday- A Fresh,Head Start !

by DaCogNegro

As the beginning of a new ,academic year approaches, I am tickled by fond memories of receiving my back to school haircut. On second thought, that day at the barbershop wasn't so pleasurable. Back then, we didn't have portable devices filled with endless amounts of multimedia entertainment. No! And being that my mother would take me, to the barber, the day before school started, there were already about seventeen heads in front of me. This resulted in hours of restless waiting and multiple episodes of Matlock and In The Heat of The Night. The only thing that was there to entertain me was  a single, six month old  issue of Jet Magazine, sporting a rather spry and risque Jackee Harris of  227 fame on the cover, and incomprehensible anecdotes of fatback recipes and somebody's aunt "knowing too damn much"! Ah, grammar school memories! This is why today's Good Friday struck such a chord with me!

Courtney Holmes, a barber who hones his craft in Dubuque, Iowa, concluded that he would use his skill to help those in his community. How so? Well, he decided that any child could get a haircut for the price of...reading! That's right, being read to was the only form of payment a child had to give in order to receive a "fresh cut."Holmes even assisted kids with pronouncing words as they read to him aloud! "I just want to support kids reading", Holmes humbly expressed to the local media outlets.

Here, you have a man who isn't griping or  complaining about the current state of his community, as most of us may have the tendency to do once we are in this setting. Rather, he is being proactive about creating change. Therefore, he is utilizing his natural ability to show the importance of literacy.  Hats off to you my brother, get it...""? Click here for more information on Mr. Holmes and the Back to School Bash!  -CgN

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  1. A very uplifting read for this morning's commute I am glad to see one of my fellow brothers doing something positive in their community