Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Why Do We Do These Things: OOOOO We "Gettin" Paper!

Whether one admits it or not, the majority of us has had to deal with some type of challenging, financial situation at one time or another! During these testing trials, resources may have been limited and one may have  had to resort  to asking for aid in order to maintain or keep one's "head above water!"

(Speak for yourself...B******!)

For most of us, we ardently strive to be fiscally responsible so that we may limit such occurrences. However, if one does find him or herself in such a predicament, hip hop, and financial expert, Uncle Murda assures you that "You Got The Money!!"

(I highly doubt that...B******!)

Wait, before I continue , what A&R flunkie thought that  the moniker of "Uncle Murdea" could become a household name? Can  you imagine his CD(s) flying off the shelves at Walmart? What about being a spokesman  for the United Negro College Fund? Or, even allowing Uncle Murda to watch your kids while you were away at the Poconos?  With that said, let's view this commercial that was made on the same budget used to fund a Kickstarter for Another Bad Creation reunion album narrated by everyone's favorite, non singing member of New Edition: Ronnie Devoe!

"Woo Woo Woo Woo! "  I would smack someone with a Little Caesars coupon sheet if they ever approach me with that nonsense! Where do I even begin? Who sings in unison while exchanging their cherished items for pennies on the dollar? And when you do record this song, you can't sell it out the trunk of your car because you PAWNED IT remember!

"Tell'em Uncle Murda sent you!" For what? Are they going to give me an extra 10% for this silver Rocefella chain I got from Amil? Can you fathom using Uncle Murda for a reference for anything? I can imagine how that conversation would go at a bank. "Well Jim, I was on the fence about signing off on this loan, but since Uncle Murda has endorsed you..."

So out of sheer curiosity, I decided to  visit the Pawn Rite website and discovered that they now have over 10 locations, go expansion! What really caught my attention  though were the testimonials. Take B.W's from Brooklyn for example:

Yooo...Pawn Rite is the truth! I came to pawn my chain and ended up coming back to pawn my 11s for some extra money. The sneaker girl is cool and cute she gave me a good price for my sneakers. I didn't even know you could pawn or sell sneakers but this is a good idea especially for me who is a crazy sneakerhead I ain't got no shame I come in at least once a week to get some extra money. What other place can you see pretty girls, get money and have these fun girls are funny and sweet they stay making me laugh!

Well, you made me into a believer! - CgN


  1. How about a 2nd job?!? Has this cross no one's mind?!? So now people left & right going to be swiping shit to get cash, that they broke ass use for other shit than responsibilities. Uncle Murda thank goodness you figured this shit out to help the community SMFH #whythefuckwestaylosing