Friday, July 24, 2015

Good Friday: The Road to the Right to Read

This heart warming story, featured in the Huff Post: Black Voices, focuses on Pearl Thompson, a 92 year old retired school teacher and alumni of Shaw University. What makes this tale so touching is that it symbolically represents that though change may not be immediate, those who continue to fight the fine fight will be rewarded for their efforts. Back in 1942, while attending Shaw University in Raleigh, NC,Pearl attempted to borrow a book from what was then known as the Olivia Raney Library. To her dismay, she was unable to do so because the establishment denied her the right to acquire a library card. Instead, she was only allowed to read her desired book in the basement of the establishment.Fast forward some seventy three years later and Ms. Thompson was now being issued a library card at a ceremony held at the Cameron Village Library. Led by the deputy director of Wake County Libraries,  the event served as an apology and honoring of Pearl Thompson's bravery and tireless dedication in the field of education! Despite the tumultuous times we live in today, it is important to remember the sacrifices that were made by our elders and that we indeed have a responsibility to continue the fight for equality. To learn more about Pearl Thompson's story, you can visit the following link here!

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