Friday, May 8, 2015

Why Do We Do These Things: Cut Thy Nose to Spite Thy Brain!

- CogNegro

Look, as a self-admitted comic book geek, I am all for fan boy antics: a t-shirt here, baseball cap there, begging your significant other to role play the honeymoon night of Storm and Black Panther, yes I get it! But this , "this right herrreee", is just borderline Katt Williams, Illuminati rants while riding Suge Knight's back ,"crazy"!

These are Jodeci Goggles Pimpin!

 Enter new fool, Henry Damon: a 37 year old man ,from Venezuela, who has always dreamed of being the Red Skull! Now I've dreamt of being many things in my life: gas station attendant (it's a Jersey thing), doorman to the Playboy Mansion and Robert Gullaume.

My Ni***

So far be it for me to judge, right? Granted, if you wanted to be the Red Skull, your choices are pretty limited. Either you purchase a Party City costume that looks like it was crafted by the person who sold Katt Williams those goggles pictured above, or you could purchase a Party City costume that looks like it was crafted by the person who STOLE and sold Katt Williams those goggles pictured above. I guess desperate times call for desperate measures when you are this pressed to dress like your favorite Nazi villain.

In order for El Stup...I mean Henry to transform himself into "Mr. Skull" ,he had to receive tattoos on his eyes and face , implants under his skin and his nose cut off to acquire the "right" look!

*Sigh* at least he had a choice...stupid!

What's even more mind numbing is that this is just part one of the procedure! Henry still has to receive more facial implants and red tattooing in order to complete his full transformation into the dumbest mother ********* alive!

Henry's tattooist went on to describe him as  an intellectually and emotionally healthy individual. Because any  married man, with children, who wants to legally change hid name to 'Red Skull" surely is allowed first vote at all PTA meetings.
CogNegro out!


  1. Looks painful...I want to be Batman or Spider-Man but you don't see me wearing a mask or changing my voice. This my friend is a bit extreme!!! What kind of job are you getting with literally 'THAT FACE' <~~seriously not a pun or discriminating. Would people take you more serious that you are now the Red Skull?!? R u planning on raising Hydra n who is your arch nemesis?!? I would like to know where n how r u getting this money for this fuckery?!? IJS

  2. I was hoping against all hope that this was an extremely detailed ComiCon get-up. I know he made the choice, but I'm kind of mad the tattoo artist assisted in this ... this ... that. - OM