Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Unleashed (Lyrics)

It's either now or never.
Ya Dig!?


(Verse 1 )
I am  now at a point where choices should be made.
Beyond these house parties and these kids getting played.
Menace II Society but only by legal means,
Awaken by these nightmares allow me live dreams!
Sleep walking when I follow in the footprints
Of role models that for some reason I haven't met yet.
I seen good dudes turn to devil's advocates
Cuz they got tired of working and not having sh*t!
Split my anatomy, observed its' components.
Removed all the weaknesses that's used by opponents.
Sew it back together with lines of sharp symmetry,
And copyright the blueprint that way you cant mimic me!
A product of black pride  and religion!
Outsider,nerd, a martyr that got vision!
Sum of these factors and yes, you should mention
Street car desire containing a Porsche engine


(Verse 2)
 I remember when the flow was a bit immature.
But now got potential to go on a world tour.
With this  lyrical ability causing a world war,
Yo I'm  on another plane what I'm wanting the world for?
So, Move over Ima need a little room.
Cuz, when I pass I request two tombs.
One for my body, the other for my talent.
So bury me above sea level to keep balance!
I'm so cold  that the winter take lessons
And The fall springs up just to be in my presence!
Two Initials ,something more than a trademark.
You now play with fire, don't confuse with mere sparks!
At the start, I'm a legend like Ledger!
Stomped on the darkest of (K)nights But No "pledger"!
Even When the ground is not Common in its' texture
It's east by Cornell West With every lecture!



(Verse 3)
Road to fame is one with may names,
Filled with some glory and laced with some pain
Some with champagne but others with real shame
Fit with some loss then brought with some game
I am, not swayed  by there their femiene ways,
Baecause on many days, I would be feeeling criminally played!
Left slayed on this figurative stage..
But Guarantee I'm not the one that will leave them astray.
(I) Rhyme syllables, fair, the bare minimal,
Seem so ahead of my time it's quite criminal!
Not the one back packing a mangaum,
But the vanguard still backpacking and rapping
Leave'em all at breath till they scattered and gasping.
See me twice like a rerun (Now that's Whats Happening)
(I) Stay Scrapping for the vision of lost souls
Despite tolls, charged on the bleakest of all roads

(Chorus Till End)

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